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Programs & Services

Health & Wellness at William & Mary integrates a variety of disciplines and professionals to provide services that optimize the wellbeing of our campus community.

Questions about where or how to get started? Email us at [[health-wellness,]]

Campus Recreation
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Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Reiki, & Yoga Therapy

These therapeutic services are provided by professionals in the McLeod Tyler Wellness Center. 

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Creative Arts Therapy

Explore your feelings and thoughts through art. No experience is necessary in these groups that aim to facilitate relaxation and self-expression. A variety of classes and series are available. 


Exercise is Medicine

EIM calls upon universities and colleges to promote physical activity as a vital sign of health. Check our event calendar and join weekly campus walks to help make movement a part of the daily campus culture. 

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FitWell Classes 

Participate in a wide variety of dynamic Fitness & Wellness classes at the Bee McLeod Recreation Center and the Wellness Center. Membership is FREE for full-time students. 

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FitWell Series 

These consecutive multi-class programs are led by our certified instructors and/or trainers and are designed to meet specialized fitness and wellness goals and deepen your understanding of various practices. 

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Group Fitness Instructor Training Course 

This 10-week training program is designed to provide students with the information, instruction, education, and practical experience needed to become Group Fitness Instructors. The course prepares students for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) national fitness certification exam and is only open to students of William & Mary. 

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Intramural Sports 

IM’s are structured, competitive sports and activities that occur on campus throughout the academic year. 

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Learn to Swim Lessons 

Beginner and Advanced Beginner Classes are available to adult learners who are members of the Bee McLeod Recreation Center.  

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Mindfulness Meditation Training 

Learn scientifically-based skills designed to help you manage stress and anxiety, improve memory, and enhance the quality of your life.  


Outdoor Trips 

Venture off-campus on a hiking trip or paddle on Lake Matoaka with the Tribe Adventure Program. Trips occur almost every weekend of the semester. 

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Personal Training 

Our nationally certified trainers provide education, motivation, and guidance to help you achieve your goals with a personalized exercise program that reflects your individual fitness level. 

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Personal Trainer Course 

Become a personal trainer through our 11-week program that prepares you to take the American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer Exam.  

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Sport Clubs 

Sport Clubs provide an opportunity to live a balanced life academically, athletically, and socially. The clubs may practice on or off-campus, and many clubs compete against other colleges and universities on the local, regional and national levels. 

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Counseling Center
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Campus Connect: Suicide Prevention Training 

A suicide prevention program designed specifically for college campuses.  This is experiential training is designed to enhance your knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent suicide among college students.

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Disordered Eating 

This group counseling offering provides a supportive environment to discuss struggles with body image and/or eating concerns.

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Evaluation and Treatment of Mental Health Disorders

Services are available through the Student Health Center and the Counseling Center.

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Group Therapy 

Group counseling usually involves 5-8 students meeting with one or two counselors to address issues of shared concern within the group. For most, group therapy is the most effective and appropriate treatment option.

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Individual Counseling Appointments

Individual counseling involves one-to-one meetings with a counselor to address important personal concerns.

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Outreach and Supportive Workshops 

Outreach programs help open dialogue about mental health topics among groups. Supportive workshops help build healthy skill sets on a variety of topics.

Supportive WorkshopsCounseling Center Outreach

Health Center
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Allergy Injections

The Student Health Center offers a full range of primary care services including allergy injections. 

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Free Flu Shots 

Available in the Fall semester, this seasonal vaccination is provided free to students while supplies last with support from the Student Assembly. 

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Free STI testing 

The Student Health Center offers a full range of primary care services including reduced fee and free STI Testing. This service is provided to students with a grant provided from Student Assembly.

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Laboratory Testing

The Student Health Center Laboratory performs a variety of tests that may be ordered by a provider to assist in determining the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment for your condition or disease. Test results are usually available on the same day you visit the SHC. 

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Men’s Health 

The Men’s Health Clinic addresses health issues relevant to college men, including high-risk behaviors, drug, alcohol and tobacco use, STIs, health-promotion behaviors, and preventive medicine. 

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Located in the Student Health Center on the first floor of the McLeod Tyler Wellness Center, the Pharmacy dispenses medications prescribed by our providers or fills new prescriptions from your family physician or outside health care providers.

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Primary Care Services

The Student Health Center provides a full range of primary care services.   

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Sexual Health

Sexual Health education and resources are available from the Office of Health Promotion including access to free condoms (at the front desk of the Wellness Center) and feminine products (in the gender-neutral restroom on the 1st floor). The Student Health Center provides access to resources including STI testing, men's and women’s health exams. 

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Travel Medicine

The Student Health Center provides most travel immunizations and prescriptions that may be required when traveling abroad. 

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Women’s Health 

The Women’s Health Clinic addresses health issues relevant to college women, including pap and STI testing, GYN Exams, information about pregnancy, access to contraception, and preventive medicine. 

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Health Promotion
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Whether you drink alcohol or not, AlcoholEdu will empower you to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and to better assist your peers throughout your college career and your life.  

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Authentic Excellence 

Designed to promote flourishing and resilience, this program explores the difference between “fear-based excellence” and “authentic excellence,” and how they relate to resilience, fulfillment and productivity.

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Events with Alcohol Training

This training reviews state law, W&M events with alcohol policy, intoxication rate factors, behavioral cues of intoxication, and intervention techniques.

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Health Coaching 

A health coach motivates and supports health behavior change through a structured partnership between the client and coach. The coach helps the client develop and realize their optimal health vision through inquiry, personal discovery and accountability. 

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Outreach and Workshops 

Educational workshops can be provided by each department of Health & Wellness. Email [[wellness]] with questions. 

Health promotion outreachCounseling Center Outreach

Pet Therapy 

Health & Wellness works with a variety of partners to host opportunities for you to connect with trained therapy dogs. Email [[wellness]] with questions. 

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Sexual Violence Prevention 

Violence based on sex and/or gender, including sexual assault, concerns most of the world's colleges and universities, including William & Mary. The Office of Health Promotion is committed to providing education and resources for our community regarding awareness and prevention of sexual assault. 

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SOSSelf-Care Over Soothing

SOS is for those who are looking for a healthy way to manage stress, cope with the vicissitude of life, or decrease/eliminate substance use. For context, soothing is any behavior motivated by the desire to temporarily feel better. Self-care is any behavior in which the intention is to be healthier.

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Wellness Bursts

On occasion, Health & Wellness will pop up with an event for you to pop into! These events are hosted by our Wellness Professionals or Wellness Ambassadors and occur across campus. Check our event calendar for the next burst!

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Wellness Conversation Series

Health & Wellness hosts experts from a variety of disciplines to share their knowledge and perspective on living harmoniously. Check our event calendar for upcoming conversations.

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W&M Wellness App

Find opportunities and information provided by Campus Recreation, the Counseling Center, Health Promotion and the Health Center. Register for fitness and wellness classes, health coaching, mindfulness, outdoor trips, sport clubs and intramurals.