Undergraduate Admission

Calling All Future Classes: Whether Your College Search Process is Ending or Just Beginning, Be Sure to Visit W&M This Spring

Freshmen and transfer applicants, April is the beginning of the end; it is when your college search process finally comes to a close. We have released freshman regular decision notifications, and fall transfer notifications will be sent by early May. Our Facebook page, Twitter account and Admit It! Blog will be your source for decision news and further explanation of the decisions we made and how we made them. For those admitted freshmen in the Class of 2023 and admitted transfers, congratulations! While we believe the smart choice is to enroll at William & Mary, we know you have to figure that out for yourself. Freshmen admit letters will have more information on admitted student programs throughout April. These programs are designed with admitted students and families in mind. We hope they help you learn more about our campus and the opportunities William & Mary provides.

Prospective students, the spring is a great time to explore campuses and begin the process of narrowing down your list of potential colleges. William & Mary offers information sessions and tours weekdays and select Saturday mornings through April 25. Our summer tour schedule will be posted May 1. We have additional information should you plan on visiting W&M during your high school's spring break. Don't forget to visit a class while you're on campus and to participate in the academic and social events occurring during your visit. Immerse yourself in the life of a W&M student and discover for yourself why there is only one William & Mary. 

Current juniors, you can also think about interviewing with a current W&M senior this coming summer. Interview registration begins on May 1 and interviews are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. So start planning your trip to Williamsburg now. We also encourage you to add yourself to our mailing list so that we can keep in touch as you continue your college search and application process. Whether it's online, by mail, on campus or all of the above, we hope you get to know us in the near future.