Undergraduate Programs

College is a journey. Draw your own road map.

At William & Mary, we believe our students deserve a one-of-a-kind education.

Our exceptional students and dedicated faculty engage in a four-year intellectual conversation — a journey of discovery — that begins in the classroom and extends into the theatre, laboratories, communities and the furthest reaches of the globe. You’ll graduate with the knowledge and experience to engage your future on your own terms.

A W&M undergraduate education is rooted in Arts & Sciences. Through our College Curriculum you will explore the range of human knowledge across dozens of departments and programs — from neuroscience to Elizabethan poetry to computer programming — learning how to gather information from disparate sources, analyze it logically and creatively, and communicate your ideas effectively.

When it’s time to declare a major, you can choose from programs in Arts & Sciences as well as majors in the School of Business and a secondary major in the School of Education, or design your own major. Some of our interdisciplinary majors — like Global Studies, Environmental Science and Policy, Film and Media Studies, and Africana Studies — were inspired by student interest and demand.

The hallmark of a W&M education — no matter which major you choose — is the high level of student engagement that often translates into independent study, faculty-mentored student research projects, or even opportunities to become full-fledged members of research initiatives by the faculty.

Take the LIGO experiment: it successfully detected gravitational waves from the collision of two black holes. William & Mary had two researchers on the LIGO paper — and one was an undergraduate. That’s not so unusual: William & Mary undergrads often appear as co-authors on papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Closer to home, a group of student geologists are working to rewrite the geological history of a portion of central Virginia with the U.S. Geological Survey, and are well on their way to publication as undergraduates.

Another way to experience in-depth, independent research is through departmental honors, working with a faculty advisor and defending your research project or thesis before a faculty committee. For incoming and current students who have demonstrated exceptionally strong academic skills, we’ve designed generous programs to provide the financial and faculty support for summer research projects and beyond.

Start planning the roadmap to your degree today. Find out more about William & Mary’s unique undergraduate offerings: