Departmental Honors

The Departmental Honors Program provides qualified students the opportunity to complete a two-semester, six-credit research project under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Each Honors project culminates in a thesis and oral defense. Completing an Honors project can be one of the most academically rewarding experiences of a student's undergraduate career.

A number of departments award only one level of Honors (rather than Honors, High and Highest). For Honors students in the class of 2019, these departments are:
Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English, Film & Media Studies, Government, Linguistics, International Relations, Kinesiology and Health Sciences, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychological Sciences, Public Policy, and Sociology.

Students can also generate funds to support their Departmental Honors project by completing an Honors Fellowship. Students are eligible for $6,000.

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A Note on Latin Honors

To recognize outstanding academic achievement, the College awards degrees summa cum laude (overall grade point average >3.80), magna cum laude (>3.65), and cum laude (>3.50). This honor is noted on the student’s diploma and on the academic transcript, and is unrelated to completion of a departmental Honors project.