Pre-College Programs

Who says college is only for college students?

Our faculty and facilities are a rich educational resource for the entire community. We invite pre-college students from all backgrounds to discover the excitement of college-level academics through a wide variety of pre-college programs.

Rising senior and newly graduated high school students can take full-credit classes during our two summer sessions. This is an excellent way to get a taste of academic life at a highly selective university. We also have an active partnership with Johns Hopkins' Center for Talented Youth.

Rising high school juniors, seniors and college freshmen can attend the National Institute of American History & Democracy’s Pre-College Summer Program in Early American History. This exciting four-credit academic program includes hands-on exploration of the region's many colonial, revolutionary and Civil War sites and museums.

The Virginia Shakespeare Festival's Young Shakespeare Camps are a dream opportunity for young actors who want to learn about the production of Shakespeare's plays. Young people ages 10-17 are guided through the meaning of Shakespeare's language, the choreography of stage combat and the demands of period costuming. Each camp lasts one week and culminates in a performance of an abridged version of a Shakespeare comedy.

Through the Center for Gifted Education, William & Mary operates one of the nation's top programs for gifted and uniquely talented students in elementary and middle school. The Saturday and Summer enrichment courses are designed to challenge the advanced student in a way that's not possible in a conventional classroom. Camp Launch is a residential program for gifted 7th- and 8th-grade students from all socioeconomic levels.