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University Goals

To advance William & Mary's distinctive excellence and achieve our vision for the future, we will pursue the following high-level goals.

University Initiatives

In the next five years, we will build on our strengths and focus efforts on four cornerstone initiatives — that are pan-university and transcend all of the goals — of significant local, national and global impact.

Initiative: Data


William & Mary will lead the evolution of the liberal arts and sciences by integrating computational thinking and data fluency into a bold and dynamic learning experience that advances inquiry, discovery and innovation.
Initiative: Water


William & Mary will lead in finding innovative solutions to ensure the resilience of the world’s oceans, coasts and waterways.
Initiative: Democracy


William & Mary will lead essential efforts to practice and promote democratic ideals in the pursuit of a more perfect union.
Initiative: Careers


William & Mary will lead in the preparation of lifelong learners equipped to navigate rapid change and thrive from their first job to their last.

Planning In

Discover specific ways units are planning in to these university goals and initiatives.