Global Reach

A William & Mary education is a global education.

William & Mary is building on a global tradition of more than three centuries, beginning with our founding in 1693 as an American overseas campus representing the British Crown. William & Mary today is a leading force for international education and training ground for international specialists around the world. Few other world universities combine centuries of commitment to excellence in teaching international subjects (including sponsorship of study abroad programs since 1924), opportunities for hands-on student research on global issues, close ties to policymakers, and a passionately committed base of local, national and international alumni.

Nearly 60% of all undergraduates study abroad in their W&M careers. More than 750 undergraduate students study abroad each year in more than 50 countries around the world.

{{youtube:medium:right|lChnn9CX5hs,William & Mary is a vibrant, welcoming campus and community with a truly global student body, faculty, staff and outlook.}}This year, more than 1000 international students, scholars and their families from nearly 70 countries have come to William & Mary, infusing our campus with their global perspectives. William & Mary’s graduate programs in Arts & Sciences, Business, Education, Law and Marine Science are also globally recognized and attract students and scholars from around the world.

The Reves Center for International Studies serves as the “hub” of internationalization at the university. Its three teams — the Global Education Office, the International Students, Scholars and Programs Office, and the Global Engagement Team — combine forces to promote international teaching, learning, research and community involvement across the university to ensure that all W&M students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters are included: