Celebrating Tradition & Forging Change

A Strategic Plan for William & Mary

William & Mary, proud of its standing as the nation's second-oldest college and its place in the top ranks of American universities, is poised to build on its strength as a public ivy, one of the country's leading liberal arts universities. William & Mary will provide and be seen as providing the best undergraduate education, and the university will be internationally recognized for its academic excellence.

We build our future on an extraordinary legacy, but we cannot rest on our laurels. We know that in order to move forward we must retain and attract outstanding faculty, and we must continue breaking boundaries: to broaden our international reach, to improve diversity, to encourage interdisciplinary perspectives, to expand need- and merit-based aid and provide access to the very best students, to assure affordability for low- and middle-income students, to appropriately integrate technology into our model of engaged learning, and to keep innovating to remain relevant and efficient.

Working together we are pursuing our vision. We redefine the academic community: building on more than 300 years of innovation and excellence, we break the boundaries between teaching and research, student and instructor, living and learning.

Each year we review our strategic plan to make sure it is moving us toward the achievement of that vision. Other sections of this website provide overviews of the process and different sections of the strategic plan.