Phase I: Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, mission and values are three distinct statements that form the foundation of our work as a university community. These will guide forecasting and decision-making in Phases II and III of the planning process.


In summer 2019, President Rowe charged two groups, co-chaired by Dr. Virginia Ambler and Dr. Fanchon Glover, with updating William & Mary's mission statement and drafting a values statement as part of a comprehensive statement of vision, mission and values. The comprehensive statement will be presented to William & Mary's Board of Visitors for affirmation, potentially in November 2019, followed by SCHEV approval of the university's mission statement as required by law.

Vision Statement: The institution we aspire to be

William & Mary redefines the academic community. Building on more than 325 years of reflection, excellence, and innovation, we break the boundaries between research and teaching, student and teacher, living and learning. People come to William & Mary wanting to change the world – and together we do.

Mission Statement: How we realize our vision

A preeminent, public research university grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, William & Mary is a vibrant and inclusive learning community. Through close mentoring and collaboration, we advance teaching, generate new knowledge, and expand understanding. We produce creative thinkers, principled leaders, and compassionate global citizens equipped for lives of meaning and distinction. William & Mary convenes great minds and hearts to meet the most pressing needs of our time.

Values Statement: Who we strive to be in fulfilling our mission

Accomplishing our mission requires that the entire community work together as stewards of the core values that infuse our collective effort:

Belonging. We create a welcoming and caring community that embraces diverse people and perspectives.

Curiosity. We foster an open academic environment that champions intellectual agility and inspires creativity in the discovery, preservation, and advancement of knowledge.

Excellence. We aim for extraordinary, recognizing that personal growth and meaningful accomplishment require bold aspirations, courageous risk-taking, and focused effort.

Flourishing. We create conditions that ensure W&M will thrive for all time coming, and we empower those who live, learn, and work here to make choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

Integrity. We are honorable, equitable, trustworthy, and committed to the highest standards of integrity in all that we do.

Respect. We treat one another with mutual respect, recognizing and upholding each person’s dignity and worth.

Service. We engage with individuals and communities both near and far, devoting our knowledge, skills, and time to serving the greater good.

William & Mary is a community that fosters deep human connection and strengthens it durably. We reflect on the lessons of history to find imaginative strategies for meeting the challenges of a rapidly-changing world. We engage diverse perspectives and seek wisdom in bridging differences. Together, we are unceasing in our efforts to make a meaningful difference in our community, the state, the nation, and the world. 

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