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The Planning Process


The 2019-20 year of planning has important process outcomes as well as substantive outcomes:

A table showing two process goals: (1) to advance a whole-institution mindset and (2) to embrace W&M's history of innovation
Advance a whole-institution mindset throughout William & Mary
  • Create greater shared understanding of the opportunities and challenges over the coming decade
  • Reinforce our shared responsibility for cultivating opportunities and crafting solutions
Embolden our community to embrace our history of innovation
  • Encourage disciplined experimentation throughout the university
  • Take advantage of W&M's distinctive assets and excellence as we develop creative solutions

President Rowe began her tenure in 2018-19 with Thinking Forward, a listening and playback process that generated feedback from the entire university community about our aspirations for the future of knowledge, work and service. Drawing on these conversations, she has outlined a planning process with three distinct phases:

  • Phase I: Refine William & Mary's vision, mission and values statements
  • Phase II: Scan current and future transformations affecting higher education and shares that scan broadly to increase the community's understanding of the opportunities and challenges we face
  • Phase III: Establish a limited number of strategic goals for the coming 5-10 years
Calendar showing phase 1 timeline in fall, phase 2 timeline in winter, and phase 3 timeline in spring