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Phase III: Vision into Action

In Phase III, William & Mary will renew strategic planning with a focus on strategy development to propel vision into action. The pandemic served as a stress test for the white papers and framing assumptions completed in early 2020. Phase III, which will span from March through August 2021, will provide an opportunity to evaluate lessons learned and frame key priorities for further action.

Timeline & Process for Renewed Phase III

Timeline showing Phase 3 in Spring 2021

Reflection: SPSC subcommittee co-chairs will assess how the findings of the white papers and statement of the framing assumptions fared under the stress test of the pandemic. Community Conversations will provide opportunities for members of the broader W&M community to synthesize insights gained during the pandemic and consider how we might refine the approach to emerging priorities based on answers to the following questions:

  • During pandemic, how have our assumptions changed and matured?
  • What do we want to carry forward from this year?
  • What do we now want to lay aside?

Members of the community are invited to revisit the white papers and share reflections.

Focus: Cabinet revises framing assumptions based on playback.

Vision: President Rowe and senior leadership will shape vision in consultation with the Cabinet and Board of Visitors.

Launch: W&M will publish its Vision 2030 with AY21-24 action plan. Cabinet will implement near-term strategic priorities aligned with long-term vision.