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To request an outreach program for your hall, organization, group of friends, class, etc., please complete an Outreach Request Form. This form must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the outreach program to ensure staff availability. 

Currently Available Outreach Programs and Events

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Strategies to Help Manage the Transition to Life Beyond College - Wednesday, July 21st at 1pm EST
Senior year is (somehow) finally here. One year stands between you and the real world. Whether you’re about to move across the county, start your first job, continue with your education, backpack throughout Europe, or panic about not knowing your next steps from the comfort of your parents’ couch, this next year could be one of the most challenging transition years of your life. This supportive workshop was designed for W&M seniors to learn some of the strategies on how to take a more mindful approach throughout the year and prep yourself to handle the many changes coming. Students will have the opportunity to consider their current support system and what additional support may be needed. In addition, helpful campus resources will be identified to help students navigate the year with increased awareness about what is available to them.

Dealing with Stress: Putting Relaxation Techniques into Practice – Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 11:00am (EST) – This 45-minute workshop introduces students to different relaxation techniques to help reduce stress. Students will also learn the benefits of using relaxation techniques and ways to modify the techniques to best fit their situation.

Assertiveness Skills Training – Wednesday, July 28, 2021 at 2:00pm (EST) – This 45-minute workshop aims to improve student’s confidence through assertiveness training. Through this workshop students will learn strategies to help improve their communicative abilities and enhance interpersonal skills.




Previously Offered Outreach Programming


1st Generation Student Connections - Every Monday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm - Are you a 1st generation student experiencing stress because of societal, institutional, or familial concerns? If so, you might be interested in meeting with other students with similar concerns to process your reactions, thoughts, and experiences in a safe and affirming environment.. Contact Patrick Hudgins for more details

ABCs of Stress Management: This 1-hour workshop is aimed to help you develop coping strategies to reduce stress and prevent significant stress in the future. You will also learn how to implement these skills into your daily life. This workshop includes psychoeducation about adaptive coping strategies, group discussion, and individual/group activities.   

Art as a Venue for Self-Care - This workshop will provide students an opportunity to experientially and creatively develop a self-care plan. Art and connectedness will be incorporated as a personalized self-care plan is designed, to reference in times of stress. Students are asked to bring a piece of paper and art supplies (e.g. crayons, markers, pens, stickers, stamps, etc).  

Boosting Resilience for Sustaining Well-Being - A 2-part workshop for finding and using personal resilience  - A ½ hour workshop designed to help you examine the effectiveness of your resilience qualities and explore ways to boost your resilience during challenging times. Our Performance Psychology consultant will present strategies and help you plan ways to enhance your personal resilience factors. 

Charting Your Future With Confidence: Strategies for Managing Stress and the Job Search - Does the job search create stress and anxiety for you? Are you feeling overwhelmed even thinking about when and how to start? You are not alone on this journey. Join the Counseling Center and Cohen Career Center for an encouraging conversation around stress management and developing an approach and game plan for your job search.

COPE -  This 1-hour workshop is aimed at brainstorming coping strategies and creating a personal plan to manage your daily stress.  Meetings will include psycho-education on adaptive coping strategies, experiential exercises, and group discussions. 

Coping with Race and Ethnic Stress as a Student of Color - This supportive outreach group is being offered to provide a safe space for students who would like to discuss their experiences on campus and in the larger society as a POC. There will be encouragement to explore and process what it can look like to balance achievement, activism, and advocacy in a healthy manner. 

Creating Your Self-Care Toolkit - This 1-hour workshop aims to help you build an understanding of the practice of self-care and how it can impact your overall well-being. This workshop will also help you identify areas where you are struggling with self-care and provide helpful ideas to foster your self-care practice. This workshop includes psychoeducation about self-care practice, group discussion, and individual/group activities.

Chronic Illness Supportive Outreach Group - This group will provide an outlet for students who are living with chronic illness and trying to navigate day to day life. Students will receive support from the Counseling Center and the Health Center and have opportunity for open discussion. 

Intro to Beating the Blues This supportive workshop will focus on helping students understand depression and its symptoms as well as learn more about the resources that can assist with managing these symptoms. There will be opportunity to explore ways to integrate changes to better manage the symptoms. Students will have the opportunity to develop an individualized plan to move forward. 

It's All New to Me - Coming to college can be both an exciting and scary time with many new people, places and experiences. The Counseling Center is offering a new supportive venue called It’s All New to Me. The venue will offer a safe and supportive place for first year and transfer students to gather together virtually and talk about adjusting to the college environment at William & Mary. Join us for open dialogue and receive support from your peers. Feel free to join as many dates as you like.  

Going the Distance: Healthy Relationships During-AND Long After the Pandemic: Join the Haven, Center for Student Diversity, Counseling Center, and Health Promotion to learn tips and techniques to manage your relationships and increase nourishing connections with family, friends, and intimate partners. 

Grad Student Drop-In Support Group - The William & Mary Counseling Center is pleased to offer a weekly virtual support gathering reserved for graduate students to seek and provide support to each other during a time of uncertainty and social isolation. Participate every week or when it fits your schedule. 

Introduction to Beating the Blues: This 50-minute weekly drop-in workshop will focus on helping participants understand depression and its symptoms as well as learn more about the resources available to assist with managing the symptoms. There will be opportunity to work together to 1) better understand symptoms of depression, 2) become more aware of how thoughts and behaviors impact symptoms of depression, and 3) identifying 1 or 2 steps to assist with moving forward to better manage symptoms of depression.

Introduction to Managing Anxiety: This multi-part workshop creates the opportunity to connect with others who also experience anxiety; learn about anxiety and its impact; understand connections between anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; increase skills to manage anxiety; and create a personalized plan for addressing anxiety.

Introduction to Understanding Self and Others: This multi-part supportive workshop will explore the stages of interpersonal relationships, consider cultural influences in interpersonal communication, identify strategies and skills for forming and developing interpersonal relationships, and address how to manage interpersonal relationship challenges. It is an opportunity to begin to have a better sense of self in relations to others.

LGBT+Mental Health Panel: This panel, hosted in collaboration with Rainbow Coalition, will be a time to explore questions asked by students regarding how best to cope with COVID-19 related stressors as members of the LGBTQ+ community. Panelists Josh DeSilva, Emily Estrada, and Heike Mitchell will field questions and will open it up for questions from the audience. Attendees will receive a list of resources following the event.

Making Space for Emotions: Making space for emotions is difficult during the best of times. The virus situation we are all managing makes validating and making space for feelings that much harder.  This workshop will take up the question of how to healthily experience feelings of sadness, pain, frustration, and authentic joy during times of crisis. We will also brainstorm strategies together of how best to make time for self-care. Sharing of personal experiences will be encouraged but is not required for participation.

Performance Psych Basics - This 30-minute workshop, offered by our Director of Performance Psych, features practical mental skills for anyone wishing to better manage anxiety, confidence, & composure in competitions, test-taking, public speaking, music or theater performance, sports, interviews, or any “performance” type setting.

Racism and Discrimination as a Student of Color - This program provides an opportunity for Students of Color (SOC) to have conversations with other SOC about the impact of recent events centered on race, ethnicity, and nationality. We will also explore the matching experiences People of Color have on our campus and society as a whole.  Weekly conversations will include (but are not limited to) strategies to balance health, achievement, activism, and resistance amid a polarized political climate. The program consists of an organic intermixing of two components: (1) a presentation with affirming materials and (2) space for students to have authentic reactions, insightful thoughts, and validating discussions. Each workshop has a 10-student limit and there is no weekly commitment required. Contact Dr. Patrick Hudgins ( with any questions. 

Resilience Toolbox - A ½ hour workshop designed to help you examine the effectiveness of your resilience qualities and explore ways to boost your resilience during challenging times. Our Director of Performance Psychology will present strategies and help you plan ways to enhance your personal resilience factors.

Relaxation for Stress Management: This dynamic mulit-part workshop is an introduction to ways of combating stress and anxiety by activating the body’s natural relaxation response.  It is designed to allow participants to learn about and practice various types of relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training and guided imagery.

Self-Compassion: Step By Step - This 3-part workshop series aims to help you build an understanding of the practice of self-compassion and how it can benefit your overall well-being. This workshop will help you to develop the skills to practice self-compassion in daily life, live deeply in your values, and build the resilience needed to thrive. This workshop includes psychoeducation about self-compassion, group discussion, and individual/group activities.

Staying Connected During a Pandemic - Is it hard to feel connected to your peers during the pandemic?  This supportive outreach is designed for W&M students who may not feel as connected with others as much as they would like to, causing increased feelings of loneliness and isolation. Join us to share the challenges of your experiences during the pandemic and the process of transitioning back to the campus community, including moving back into the residence halls, returning to class or other activities, as well as the challenges of connecting with others. The time will also include support from Counseling Center staff and peers.

Stress Management: Coping w/Finals  -  This is a supportive outreach program designed to help students cope with the stress of finals week. We will explore ways of recognizing the detrimental effects stress can have on academic performance, ways of reducing the stress associated with finals, and prevention strategies that students can take with them into their future academic careers. 

Trans Support Outreach Group - This open and non-structured space has been established for W&M students who identify as questioning, transgender, non-binary, gender queer, gender-nonconforming and are interested in connecting with others with similar identities/shared experiences.  The goal of this group is to offer an affirming space in which students can experience a sense of community and connection and where students can address potential unsupportive family/academic/social environment related issues, and receive and/or offer supportive feedback, validation, and information. Issues addressed will be determined based on the interest of participants. Contact Carina Sudarsky-Gleiser, for more information. 

Transfer Student Supportive Outreach Group - The William & Mary Counseling Center will be offering a bi-weekly virtual support gathering reserved for transfer students to seek and provide support to each other during a time of uncertainty and social isolation. Drop-in style, so no commitment for the whole semester unless you choose to do so. Use the link above to sign up

Transitions: A Virtual Space for Seniors to Process the Impact of COVID-19: Join the William & Mary Counseling Center, Office of Health Promotion, and Cohen Career Center for a virtual gathering reserved for Seniors to process the many impacts of COVID-19 on their final semester at W&M and life after graduation.

Test Anxiety Workshop - Have you struggled with taking exams? Do you feel that your test performance would improve if you had a better approach for managing your thinking and emotions around tests? Our Performance Psychology Director will lead a brief workshop designed to help you improve your reaction to testing situations, prepare in a more intentional way, and execute with more confidence on the day of the exam. Use the link above to sign up.

Virtual Coffee HourJoin us each Friday morning for a Virtual Coffee Hour with the William & Mary Counseling Center via Zoom. Social distancing has disrupted many people’s social connections and contributed to an increased sense of isolation.  In response, it is important to foster a sense of belongingness and connection. We can use technology to boost belongingness and connection despite being physically isolated. Connect with other W&M students, chat about your experiences, learn new coping strategies, and embrace wellness in a supportive environment. BYOC (Bring your own Coffee or Tea). 

Weekday Support GroupIt’s more important than ever to stay connected to others since the campus closure, shift to online learning, and social distancing may have left students feeling disoriented and disconnected from their W&M community. This weekly virtual support group offers a safe, accepting space for W&M students to receive/provide social support with peers, discuss current stressors, exchange coping strategies, improve self-care, and share about mutual experiences and feelings. 

Weekday Support Group for Gradaute Students: Grad Gab: Being a graduate student is challenging enough without the addition of a global pandemic. The William & Mary Counseling Center is pleased to offer a weekly virtual support gathering reserved for graduate students to seek and provide support to each other during a time of uncertainty and social isolation. 

Weekly Mini Guide for Staying Connected During a Pandemic - This supportive outreach group is designed for W&M students to help you decrease, manage, and avert significant feelings of loneliness and isolation. You will explore how to implement these ideas into your daily life. This weekly supportive outreach group includes information on effective ways to stay connected with others, group discussion, individual/group activities, and resources available to support your efforts.