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Additional Resources on Campus and in the Community

The following services are outside the scope of those offered by the Counseling Center, but are available through other offices or agencies.

Intensive, long-term psychotherapy

Individuals who want or need to be seen more than once a week for an extended length of time will be referred to community providers. Students with other special counseling needs which are outside of the scope of Counseling Center services will also be referred to off-campus resources.

Evaluation and treatment of medical conditions

For medical conditions, students will be referred to the Student Health Center or other appropriate medical facilities. Of course, there are situations where a student's psychological and medical problems are related, and in such instances, the Counseling Center will work in coordination with the student's treating physicians.

Petitioning for Parking and Car Privileges for Medical Reasons

Freshman and Sophomore students that need to have access to a car for medical reasons can petition through the Dean of Students Office to have an exception to college policy made. Visit the "Request Restricted Parking for Medical Reasons" form on the Dean of Students web-site.

Transportation for Off-Campus Psychiatry and Counseling Appointments
Vocational counseling, job placement, part-time, or summer employment

These services are offered by the Financial Aid Office and Career Center.

Approval of class schedules or help with course selection

These services can be obtained from the Office of Academic Advising and faculty advisors.

Study strategies to enhance academic performance

The Learning Assistance Program provides these services through the Dean of Students Office. The Writing Resources Center is another place to get support for writing and oral communication skills.

DACA Resource Hub

The DACA Resource Hub, a new webpage containing information and resources for W&M students on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), is available on the Reves Center website: http://www.wm.edu/offices/revescenter/issp/visasandimmigration/daca/index.php

Some additional links to area resources:

William & Mary Health Outreach Peer Educators (HOPE)

William & Mary Sexual Violence Site

Campus Ministries United

Colonial Services Board

Virginia Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

Williamsburg Social Services

Williamsburg AIDS Network

William & Mary Alumni Association

William & Mary Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association

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