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ADD/ADHD Focus Group

via Zoom     Tuesday 2pm-3pm starting March 29th 

The Focus Group is an opportunity to meet with other students to discuss the challenges and emotions associated with living with ADD/ADHD. Participants can expect to talk about strategies and resources to assist with fulfilling their personal and academic goals, and to recognize and build upon the many strengths they already possess.

Anxiety Group
Anxiety Group creates a space to connect with others; learn about anxiety and its impact; understand connections between anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; face fears in a supportive setting; and increase skills to manage anxiety. Through group relationships, members also learn about themselves and others, gain insights into the origins of their anxiety, and give and receive support and meaningful feedback. Because anxiety often affects relationships, this group also gives opportunities for overcoming barriers to sharing authentically and openly about emotions, improving interpersonal difficulties and social isolation, and trying new behaviors and ways of relating in a safe environment.


Essential Insight (DBT group)

Fridays 2pm-3:30pm
This group combines a cognitive therapy approach with perspectives from eastern philosophy to support students in improving functioning in multiple areas.  DBT provides psychoeducational training in the areas of: Mindfulness; Interpersonal Effectiveness; Emotion Regulation; and Distress Tolerance.  The group follow a set agenda in which new information is taught weekly and homework and skills practice is assigned. The focus of this group therapy is teaching effective skill use for regulating emotions, changing destructive patterns of thinking and behavior, improving relationship skills, and building the life you desire.

Understanding Self & Others

Tuesdays 2pm-3pm and Wednesdays 1:15pm-2:30pm
This group provides a safe environment for experiential learning by enabling new social behaviors and ways of relating as the group is happening. Patterns that were previously challenging can be approached differently in the group. Members may also develop more self-awareness and grow personally, learn about themselves and others, gain insights into the origins of their concerns, give and receive social support and meaningful feedback, improve communication and connection with others, overcome barriers to sharing authentically and openly about emotions, and improve interpersonal difficulties and social isolation.

Body Image and Eating Concerns

Tuesdays 1pm-2pm
This group provides a supportive environment to discuss struggles with body image and/or eating concerns. Members will learn to recognize the beliefs and feelings that lead to negative body image and eating concerns and will explore how to challenge the negative messages about their bodies from media, peers, and/or family members. Members also learn about themselves and others, gain insights into the origins of their concerns, give and receive support and meaningful feedback, share openly about emotions, and try new ways of relating in a safe environment. 

Women's Understanding Self & Others

Tuesdays 3pm-4:30pm and Fridays 2pm-3:30pm
This group attempts to provide an emotionally safe environment in which female identified students can develop further self-awareness and grow personally towards their goals, while connecting with other women.  Thanks to the cohesiveness that groups tend to develop, students usually benefit from a sense of belonging and from opportunities to experiment and receive feedback about effective vs. less effective ways to communicate and relate to others.  As a women’s group, members often focus on the impact of cultural/familial messages about female identity(ies) and emotional/psychological issues often experienced by women, including self-esteem, relationship issues, assertiveness, social anxiety, body image/eating concerns, sexual assault/trauma related concerns, etc.  In addition to the focus on the identify of group members as women, the intersection of other identities are often explored and processed in the group.  Group members are encouraged to provide support and helpful/genuine feedback to one another.

Journey (Trauma group)

Mondays 2-3:30
Journey is a group for survivors of trauma. The group is intended to provide a safe and confidential space to receive support from other survivors and work on issues related to trauma recovery. The group is comprised of up to 8 members who will have the opportunity to connect with other survivors, develop new skills, and continue their journey of healing and hope.


Previously Offered Groups


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This is a group for students who have recently returned to campus following a period of absence from the university due to hospitalization or another mental health crisis, or who recently experienced a crisis that did not require hospitalization. Students actively in crisis are not appropriate for this group. Students in this group will have the option to receive wrap around services with other campus providers, and are expected to be involved with at least one other mental health service in addition to group. This group is short term, with the goal of helping group participants to stabilize and successfully implement crisis prevention strategies/tools, and then transitioning to a more typical outpatient service. Group content focuses on developing an overall crisis prevention plan, regularly creating safety plans, improving emotion regulation, and providing support during a transitionary time for those returning campus.



If you are interested in any of these groups, please call the Counseling Center at (757) 221-3620 and ask to schedule a triage appointment.  Be sure to request group when you meet with a clinician!  For more information about group, check out what to expect in group counselingwhat W&M students say they experience in our groups, and our information about online groups.