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Regional and Thematic Categories

Regional Categories

Ancient to Modern Africa

Chouin, Pope, Thelwell, Vinson

Atlantic World

Chouin, DresslerGrasso, Mapp, MiddletonPiker, Popper, Prado, Wulf

Early America

Brown, DresslerGrasso, Kern, Mapp, MiddletonPiker, Richter, Whittenburg, Wulf

East and South Asia

Han, HubbardKitamura, Zutshi

Latin America and the Caribbean

Konefal, Mapp, Prado, Turits, Vinson

Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Chouin, Daileader, FrancoHomza, Mapp, Popper, Schechter

Middle East and Indian Ocean

Greene, Karakaya-Stump, Pope, Zutshi

Modern Europe and Russia

BenesCorney, Galmarini-KabalaKoloski, Levitan, Limoncelli,SachsSchechter

United States

AllenBrown, Butler, Ely, Fisher, Grasso, Kern, Kitamura, Mapp, McGovern, Meyer, PettyPiker, Richter, Rosen, Sheriff, Thelwell, Vinson, WatkinsWhittenburg, Wulf

Thematic Categories

African American

AllenElyPope, Richter, Rosen, Thelwell, Vinson

American South

AllenElyKern, PettyRichter, Rosen, Whittenburg

Borders and Borderlands

Greene, Mapp, Prado, Zutshi

British Empire

Dressler, Levitan, LimoncelliMapp, Piker, Popper, Zutshi

Comparative and Transnational

Chouin, CorneyHan, Kitamura, Koloski, Mapp, Nelson, Pope, Popper, Prado, Thelwell, Turits, Vinson, Zutshi


Brown, Benes, Chouin, Corney, Dressler, Grasso, Homza, Koloski, Levitan, McGovern, MeyerPope, Popper, Rosen, Schechter, Sheriff, Thelwell, Vinson, Zutshi

Diaspora and Migration

Han, Pope, Thelwell, Vinson

Economic History and Capitalism

McGovern, MiddletonPrado

Imperialism and Colonialism

Chouin, Corney, Fisher, Karakaya-Stump, Levitan, Mapp, MiddletonPopper, Prado, Turits, Vinson, Zutshi


Chouin, Fisher

French Atlantic

Aubert, Chouin, Mapp

Historiography and Historical Memory

Chouin, Corney, Koloski, Popper, Zutshi

Iberian Empires               

Homza, Mapp, Prado, Turits

International Relations 

Butler, Kitamura, MappTurits


Bishara, Homza

Material Culture

Chouin, Kern, Koloski, Richter, Whittenburg

Nationalism and National Identity

Greene, Benes, Koloski, Levitan, Zutshi

Native American/Indigenous Peoples

Fisher, Konefal, Piker

North American West

Fisher, Mapp,         

Pacific World/Pacific Rim

Fisher, Han, Kitamura, Mapp

Popular Culture and Media

Greene, Ely, Kitamura, McGovern, Meyer, Thelwell

Public History    

Kern, Richter, Whittenburg

Race and Ethnicity

AllenEly, Fisher, Han, Karakaya-Stump, Konefal, LevitanPope, Rosen, Schechter, Thelwell, Turits, Vinson


Benes, Brown, ChouinDaileader, Grasso, Homza, Karakaya-Stump,  Pope, Schechter, Vinson, Zutshi

Social and Labor

Daileader, Dressler, Konefal, Levitan, Nelson, Prado, Rosen, Sheriff, Whittenburg, Wulf

Science and Medicine

Benes, Brown, Chouin, Popper

Women, Gender, and Sexuality               

Allen, HubbardLevitan, Meyer, Richter, Rosen, Watkins, Wulf