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  1. Calendars
    View upcoming William & Mary events as well as access calendars for academics, athletics and the arts.
  2. Campus Center
    Student Unions & Engagement (SUE) operates the Sadler Center and Campus Center, offering developmental programs and services to all members of the campus community including students, faculty, staff and external constituents.
  3. Campus Recreation
    The Campus Recreation Department provides opportunities to all students, faculty and staff to participate in quality recreational services and activities that will enhance total physical, mental and social well-being.
  4. Career Development & Professional Engagement, Office of
    Located in the Cohen Career Center, the Office of Career Development & Professional Engagement provides quality services and programs that facilitate the career development process for W&M students and alumni.
  5. Catering (Dining Services)
    W&M Dining Services offers a quality catering team for the Williamsburg area. Our service capabilities range from the simplest of coffee breaks to student-specific catering guides to elegantly-served receptions and dinners.
  6. Center for Archaeological Research
    W&M's Center for Archaeological Research (W&MCAR) provides archaeological consulting and research services and applied educational opportunities in cultural resource management.
  7. Center for Conservation Biology
    The Center for Conservation Biology is an organization dedicated to discovering innovative solutions to environmental problems that are both scientifically sound and practical within today's social context.
  8. Center for Geospatial Analysis
    The Center for Geospatial Analysis integrates GIS across the W&M curriculum and provides student and faculty access to GIS hardware, software and expertise.
  9. Center for Gifted Education
    The Center for Gifted Education is a learning community that values and fosters the talent development process of individuals over the lifespan. The Center nurtures exceptional ability in academic, moral, and ethical, and aesthetic domains through interdisciplinary inquiry and excellence of instruction.
  10. Center for Legal and Court Technology
    The Center for Legal and Court Technology is a joint program of the Law School and the National Center for State Courts. The Project's mission is to improve, through appropriate technology, the administration of justice and the world's legal systems.
  11. Center for Public Policy Research
    The Center for Public Policy Research is the research arm of W&M's Public Policy program, which conducts objective, nonpartisan analytical research, written reports, and makes presentations for public and private clients on a variety of policy issues, including health, government operations and management, education, environment, labor, science and technology, international trade and security, and economic development.
  12. Center for Racial & Social Justice
    The Center for Racial & Social Justice will work to advance the cause of racial and social justice by educating students and the broader community, building students’ capacity to engage in antiracist and social justice work, and engaging in legal and multidisciplinary research and advocacy aimed to inform the public, advocates, and policymakers — both in the Commonwealth of Virginia and nationwide.
  13. Center for Student Diversity
    The Center for Student Diversity was established to aid in the development of a more pluralistic and inviting environment for all. We are committed to providing programs, services, and promoting cultural activities that will create an awareness of and appreciation for racial and cultural diversity.
  14. Chancellor
    The post of Chancellor has been an important one since William & Mary was chartered in 1693 by King William III and Queen Mary II of Great Britain. Robert M. Gates '65, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, was named twenty-fourth Chancellor of William & Mary by the Board of Visitors in 2012. He was re-invested in 2019.
  15. Charles Center, Roy R.
    The Charles Center's broad mission is to enhance the quality of undergraduate teaching and learning. Many of the Center's initiatives seek to fulfill this mission with interdisciplinary academic programs that straddle or fall outside of the department structure in Arts & Sciences. In addition, the Center has a particular interest in recruiting and providing special academic, co-curricular, and scholarship resources for Monroe Scholars and other academically distinguished undergraduate and graduate students.
  16. Charter Day
    Charter Day, celebrated annually in February, brings speakers of note and the distribution of honorary degrees and many prestigious awards to students, faculty and alumni.
  17. Chemistry
    Although William & Mary is a relatively small liberal arts institution, we regularly graduate one of the largest American Chemical Society-certified classes in the nation. Four ACS-certified tracks are offered: Chemistry, Polymer, Biochemistry and Chemical Physics. The department also supports the Biochemistry Minor, a unique program at the university for students interested in the molecular-level description of life processes. With the support of such eminent organizations as Dow Chemical and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, we provide the opportunity for students to prepare themselves for the future, be that graduate school, medical or other professional school, or industry.
  18. Child Care, Williamsburg Campus
    W&M contracts with the Williamsburg Campus Child Care (WCCC) to operate its program. WCCC is a nonprofit organization which has had a successful program in Williamsburg since 1981 and a tradition of close cooperation with the university.
  19. Chinese Studies
    Courses in Chinese language, culture, civilization and literature, conducted in either English or Chinese.
  20. Classical Studies
    The Department of Classical Studies provides language instruction in Greek, Latin and Hebrew, and courses in all aspects of Greek and Roman civilization: literature, history, religion, society, art and archaeology.
  21. Code Review Team
    The Code Review Team reviews the design of major capital products and capital projects as the agent of the university in support of the Building Official. The team reviews plans, specifications and documents for compliance with building codes and standards and performs inspections of work in progress and the completed capital project.
  22. Commencement
    Commencement is a weekend-long series of events celebrating students who are graduating. Students graduate when they have completed all of their degree requirements and are officially cleared to receive their diplomas. Most students take part in Commencement, but participation is not required in order to graduate.
  23. Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
    The CVC is an annual fundraising campaign among employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia. William & Mary has a strong tradition of supporting this effort. These funds support charities that are national and international as well as those with deep roots in our area.
  24. Community Engagement, Office of
    The Office of Community Engagement serves as a resource for faculty for the integration of engaged teaching and research, supports students in their development as active citizens and scholars and develops partnerships with communities as central missions of the university.
  25. Community Values & Restorative Practices (Student Conduct)
    The mission of Community Values & Restorative Practices is to promote a living and learning environment that is respectful of the rights and perspectives of others, that is safe and free from disruption, and that allows students and faculty members to pursue their educational goals.
  26. Compassionate Action Board
    The Compassionate Action Board (CAB), is a group of administrators, professors and students working together to find ways to bring compassion to the forefront of all thought and activity at W&M by collaborating with others to promote thought, action and academics that are based on compassion throughout the university.
  27. Compliance & Equity Office
    The Compliance & Equity Office is a resource dedicated to helping W&M faculty and staff perform their duties in compliance with the law while managing risk, primarily by improving W&M's policies and procedures.
  28. Computational & Applied Mathematics & Statistics (CAMS)
    The Computational & Applied Mathematics & Statistics (CAMS) program is an interdisciplinary program in which applications provide the primary impetus to research. Central to CAMS is the development of skills in mathematical modeling, data analysis and computer simulation. Degree tracks offered are in Mathematical Biology and Applied Statistics.
  29. Computer Science
    As a discipline, Computer Science studies the development of computer algorithms, data structures for representing and processing information, and the logical organization of computers themselves. The Department of Computer Science offers B.A./B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. Faculty research interests include: algorithms, computer systems, high performance computing, modeling and simulation, networks, programming languages and compilers, scientific computing, and security. The department maintains a state-of-the-art computing environment for experimental research and education.
  30. Conference & Event Services
    The W&M Office of Conference & Event Services manages the use of campus facilities by outside groups and organizations.
  31. Construction
    The mission of Campus Construction is to plan, design and construct high quality facilities that support the work of the university's faculty, students and staff, using the most integrated, efficient and cost effective means available; and to maintain a highly trained staff of professional and crafts people dedicated to achieving routine excellence in support of the campus community.
  32. Counseling Center
    The Counseling Center, accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc., offers a range of free professional services to students wanting help with personal concerns. We work with psychological problems, relationship and family issues, academic and personal stress, and crisis situations.