Community Values & Restorative Practices

Our Mission

William & Mary’s Student Conduct and Honor programs serve to maintain the university's community values and the behavioral expectations of the student body. The mission of Community Values is to promote a living and learning environment that is respectful of the rights and perspectives of others, that is safe and free from disruption, and that allows students and faculty members to pursue their educational goals.

The office fulfills its mission by providing educational programs, confronting behavior that violates our community expectations and engaging students in reflective learning in order to foster personal development, civility, and an understanding of the responsibilities attendant with living in our community.

Fostering Personal Growth and Responsibility

Community values at W&M include personal integrity, academic integrity, concern for the rights of others, and personal responsibility. These values are reflected in the Honor Code, the Code of Conduct, and other university policies.

Staff members are available to provide information to students, faculty, and staff about the university community's standards, to provide information about relevant procedures, and to discuss complaints related to students or student groups.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for a complete explanation of the Conduct and Honor processes. Also check out the flow charts that depict how the Conduct (pdf) and Honor (pdf) processes work.

The Codes provide not only your duties as members of the community, but also your rights--rights to live independently and safely, and rights to be judged academically on a level playing field on the basis of your own merits.

If you are here because you suspect any student misconduct, you may submit a violation report to Community Values & Restorative Practices.