William & Mary

W&M Websites A-Z


  1. Veterans Society of William & Mary
    Originally formed as a social and support network for veterans, the Society has been involved in community service, raising veteran awareness on campus, lobbying efforts and advocating on behalf of student veterans.
  2. Virginia Institute of Marine Science
    Chartered in 1940, the School of Marine Science/Virginia Institute of Marine Science SMS VIMS, has a tripartite mission of research, education, and advisory service in marine science. VIMS is located in Gloucester Point, Virginia.
  3. Virginia Shakespeare Festival
    In 1753, the Hallam troupe, having broken with London's New Wells Theatre, arrived in Williamsburg to present The Merchant of Venice, the first professional production of Shakespeare in the New World. In 2008 the Virginia Shakespeare Festival celebrates its 30th annual season. We invite you to join us in this venerable tradition of the Bard in the 'Burg.