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  1. Economic Development & Business Innovation
    The Office of Economic Development and Business Innovation connects W&M faculty and students to opportunities to work with business, non-profit, academic and public partners in collaborations that strengthen our programs and contribute to new economic opportunities both here and throughout Virginia.
  2. Economics
    The Department of Economics offers a broad array of courses in theoretical and applied economics to about 160 majors and hundreds of non-majors.
  3. Education, School of
    The School of Education's traditional focus on undergraduate education for teachers also includes numerous graduate degree programs. The School prepares teachers for elementary, middle and secondary education; specialists in counseling, gifted education, school psychology, special education; and administrators for K-12 and higher education settings.
  4. Emergency Information
    William & Mary is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its students, faculty, employees and visitors to learn, teach, work and enjoy our beautiful campus and all it offers. In pursuit of that goal the university takes a comprehensive approach to protecting the W&M community and preparing for any emergency.
  5. English
    The Department of English is dedicated to promoting an understanding and appreciation of the ways in which men and women have represented their worlds, real or imagined, in literature. As a lively community of teaching scholars, we are committed to engaging our students in the richness and variety of English poetry, drama and prose fiction, from the canon of traditional English literature to marginalized, avant-garde and experimental literary works.
  6. Environment & Sustainability
    The Environment & Sustainability curriculum stresses the importance of integrating knowledge and skills from the natural, physical, social sciences and humanities to solve current environmental problems within ethical, economic and politically-realistic frameworks.
  7. Environmental Health & Safety, Office of
    The Office of Environmental Health & Safety is committed to protecting people and the environment by conserving our natural resources and maintaining a healthful and safe environment for present and future generations.
  8. EqualityW&M
    A faculty and staff organization aiming to improve the learning and working environment at W&M for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender faculty, staff and students through representation, action and community.
  9. European Studies
    European Studies provides interdisciplinary exposure to Europe's history, culture, and politics, emphasizing both Europe's regional specificity and its historical and contemporary interactions with other global regions.
  10. Esports
    Esports is the center for collaboration with interdisciplinary courses exploring the intersections of gaming, learning theory, psychology, computer science, music, event planning, marketing, sports analytics and hospitality.