W&M Websites A-Z


  1. National Institute of American History and Democracy
    The National Institute of American History and Democracy is a partnership between William & Mary and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. It is dedicated to the study of the American past, material culture and museums. The Institute sponsors three programs: the Pre-Collegiate Summer Program in Early American History for high school juniors and seniors; the Semester-in-Residence Program for students attending other colleges who come to study at William & Mary for one or two semesters; and the Williamsburg Collegiate Program in Early American History, Material Culture, and Museum Studies for undergraduate and graduate students at William & Mary.
  2. Neuroscience Program
    The Neuroscience Program offers a rigorous interdisciplinary study of the nervous system. It integrates the function of molecules, cells and networks as they give rise to fully formed behavioral and cognitive processes. Neuroscience training is founded in the molecular mechanisms of cellular physiology and the unique properties of neural excitable membranes and of signaling.
  3. News & Events
    University News & Media manages the News & Events site as a central location for campus-wide news and events of broad interest.
  4. Neurodiversity Initiative
    The Neurodiversity Initiative at William & Mary is an innovative program that is raising awareness on our campus of the vast array of brain differences, and cultivating an appreciation of the many kinds of talents we can nurture at our historic institution.