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Esports Level-Up Summer Classes

A fan of video games? Looking to fulfill a COLL 200 or NQR attribute? Hoping for an intersection of gaming & academics? Want to make history at W&M?

Be part of the first group of students to take one or all of the following esports classes!

EDUC - 317 Esports in Education | Dr. Lindy Johnson & Dr. Karen Conner | 3 Credits | 
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Summer I (June 1 - July 2) |  T/TR  | 4 PM - 7:40 PM  |  RSOF | COLL 200 
In this COLL 200 course, students will consider the question, “What is the relationship between video games and learning?” Students will learn to engage in a critical examination of video games and the multiplicity of roles gaming plays in our current culture."

*CSCI - 140/DATA - 141 Computational Problem Solving in Data Science | 4 Credits 
Summer I (May 24 - June 25)  | RA  |  NQR Attribute
An introduction to computational problem solving in the context of data science and commonly used data analysis software using an esports lens.

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*DATA - 146/CSCI - 146  Reasoning Under Uncertainty | 3 Credits
Summer I (June 1 - July 2)  |  M/T/W/TR  | 10:10 AM - 12 PM  |  RSOF
The course will focus research design in the context of data, providing an overview of different modeling approaches, their differences, and the context(s) in which each might be most appropriate to apply using an esports lens. (prerequisite CSCI 140 or DATA 141)

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BUAD - 492 Special Topics: Esports & Marketing | Sailesh Patel & Dr. Karen Conner | 3 Credits | 
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Summer II (July 6 - August 6)  |   T/TR |  1 PM - 4:30 PM  |  RSOF  |  Open To All Majors
Students will learn the basics of marketing and business within the esports industry focusing on segmentation, targeting, use of big data, sponsorships, experiential marketing, branding, service development and innovation.

SPCH 410 - Special Topics: Esports & Communication |  Dr. Michele King | 3 Credits  | 
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Summer II (July 6 - August 6)  |  M/T/W/TR  |  10:10 AM - 12 PM |  RSOF
Students will learn aspects of casting, streaming, media content creation, and team dynamics and management. The course will include guest speakers from the industry and practitioners as students explore OBS, Stream Yard, and other production software, analyze shoutcasters, and identify elements of team communication and leadership.


W&M Esports

Esports is the world of organized competitive video gameplay that requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. What was once thought of as a casual video gaming culture is now a legitimate academic and applied initiative. Esports is the center for collaboration with interdisciplinary courses exploring the intersections of gaming, learning theory, psychology, computer science, music, event planning, marketing, sports analytics, and hospitality. Our students come to W&M for our tradition and stay for their future. 

It's time to play the long game and LEVEL UP!  Game On! (Official announcement forthcoming)

Ready to get in the game? We are recruiting D-1 esports varsity gamers for the 2020-2021 season.

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