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Frequently Asked Questions

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Have any other questions? We are here for you! Please contact us at [[academicwellbeing]].

I have only been able to register for 16 credit hours. How can I register for more classes?

During pre-registration, all students are capped at 16 credit hours. During the add/drop period, students can register for up to 18 credit hours. If you have extenuating circumstances for which you need to register for more than 16 credit hours during pre-registration, you will need to petition the Committee on Degrees. Don't hesitate to contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

How do I register for more than 18 credit hours?

You will need to petition the Committee on Academic Status for an overload. The petition is an online submission form.

I am graduating next semester and only need nine credit hours to graduate. How do I register for fewer than 12 credit hours?

Graduating seniors that need fewer than 12 credits to graduate should contact [[registrar]].

I need to add/drop a class, but it is after the add/drop period. How do I do that?

You will need to petition the Committee on Academic Status for a late add or late drop as appropriate. The petition is an online submission form.

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Withdrawal or Leave of Absence
I have decided not to return to William & Mary. How do I withdraw from the university?

You will need to complete the online withdrawal form.

I have decided to take a semester off. How do I do that?

You will need to complete the online withdrawal form.

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How do I re-enroll at William & Mary after a leave of absence?

You will need to complete the reenrollment form if you are in good standing and not on a medical leave of absence. If you have enrolled as a degree-seeking student at another college or university, please contact the Office of Admissions.

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How do I arrange for an incomplete in a class?

Incompletes are arranged between the student and the professor.

How do I sign up to take a class as a pass/fail?

Students with questions about the pass/fail policy should contact [[registrar]]. Students seeking an exception to the pass/fail policy should submit a petition to the Committee on Degrees.

Does withdrawal from a course negatively affect my transcript and future acceptance in graduate school programs?

No, as long as it is not a pattern of withdrawals over numerous semesters.

If I fail a class for a second time, does it count double? 


What is reflected on my transcript if I fail a class at W&M and retake it? 

Both the failing and second grades appear on your W&M transcript and are calculated into your cumulative grade point average.

What can I do if I believe a professor has given me the wrong grade? Can it be changed?

There is a grade review procedure outlined in the college Course Catalog. If, after the grade review process, it is found the grade was incorrect, a change will be made to your transcript.

How do I calculate my grade point average?

Refer to the grade calculation procedure outlined on the Academic Wellbeing website.

Do transfer grades from another school factor into your grade point average at W&M? 

No, only the credits transfer.

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Academic Probation
I am on academic probation. I have completed courses for which I previously received a grade of incomplete or a grade change, and I believe this will change my academic status. What should I do?

As soon as the grade posts to your transcript, notify Academic Wellbeing at [[academicwellbeing]] and the office will initiate a review of your record. Complete this process within the first six weeks of the semester.

I am on academic probation, and due to an emergency, I need to take a final incomplete grade in a course. How can I obtain the required permission?

Contact Academic Wellbeing at [[academicwellbeing]] immediately for assistance.

I received a letter stating I must participate in the ASPIRE program. When will I receive more information?

The ASPIRE Blackboard site will be open by the first day of classes. Complete information about the program and expectations for the upcoming semester will be available on the site. 

Can summer courses remove me from probation?

The Committee on Academic Status reviews probation students at the end of the second summer session. If summer credits taken at W&M have caused the student to meet the continuance requirement of the immediately preceding semester AND the student earned 12 credits and a 2.0 in that semester, the student will be off probation for the upcoming semester. If you feel this pertains to you, please contact us as soon as possible at [[academicwellbeing]]

I am on academic probation due to an incomplete. Once I have finished this work, will I be removed from probation?

When you have completed the incomplete, and the posted grade allows you to meet college continuance standards for that semester, you need to contact our office to ask for a review of your status.

Can I participate in a study abroad program while on academic probation?


Can I be placed on academic probation more than once?


How does probation affect my scholarship? 

Each scholarship is different. You will have to speak to the person managing the scholarship or your financial aid counselor.

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I have a hold on my account for Student Verification. How can I get the hold lifted?

Go to and update your contact information. After you submit the update, the hold will automatically lift from your account.

 What should I do if no tutors are available for the course I am taking?

Send an email with your request to [[tutorzone]]. The TutorZone staff will work with you to find a tutor or additional resources. We cannot promise that we will be able to find a tutor for every course.

How do I pay for tutoring sessions?

All tutoring is now free with the support of the Parent Fund! Students will not be charged for tutoring sessions.

I want to become a tutor in the TutorZone. How do I apply?

We have concluded our Fall 2023 hiring process and will be reopening the application for Spring 2023 tutors in October 2023.

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Study Skills
What is the suggested amount of time to study per week?

Multiply your credit hours by two, and you should have the total needed study hours. This includes all study tasks: reading, writing papers, revising notes, building study guides, working problems, course reviews, etc.  

What time of day is the best for studying?

Every student is different; however, students who decide to view studying as if it were a job and therefore do most of their academic work between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. tend to be on top of their academic work and have more free time for personal pursuits. 

What is the best technique for studying for exams? 

Reviewing course material regularly throughout the semester and maintaining a file of study guides for each course. Take advantage of any tutoring or review sessions offered for your course.

Ultimately, each student needs to try a variety of study methods to find the strategy that works best for you, but organization and using your resources is always helpful.

I want to learn to manage my time more effectively. Is there a resource available?

Yes, you may schedule a free, one-on-one time management consultation through the TutorZone.

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Other Available Resources
How can I get tested for a possible learning disability? 

Make an appointment with Student Accessibility Services for a consultation.

Where do I go if I am facing significant challenges with my mental, physical, and social health?

Make an appointment with Care Support Services.

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