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  1. Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
    In gender, sexuality & women's studies, we focus on the roles gender and sexuality play in human experience. Our approach is interdisciplinary, international, and intersectional. Our undergraduate students bridge theory and practice across disciplines, making interventions in many fields, including law, education, politics, business, the arts, literature, and medicine. In doing so, they gain critical thinking skills, cultural competencies, and activist orientations.
  2. General Accounting
    The Financial Operations department is responsible for providing comprehensive accounting, bursar and payroll services in support of W&M's primary mission of education, research and public service.
  3. Geology
    At William & Mary the geology department takes a broad view on the Earth. Undergraduate students take courses that focus on the workings and history of the Earth’s interior, surface and atmosphere. Field trips form a distinctive and critical component of the W&M Geology experience.
  4. Geospatial Analysis, Center for
    The Center for Geospatial Analysis integrates GIS across the W&M curriculum and provides student and faculty access to GIS hardware, software and expertise.
  5. German Studies
    Undergraduate students study German language, literature, philosophy, and culture at all levels. Several courses are taught in English.
  6. Global Education Office (Study Abroad)
    The Global Education Office at the Reves Center for International Studies assists students with every stage of the study abroad process and, thanks to the generosity of private donors, awards many need- and merit-based scholarships each year. With our 30+ W&M-sponsored programs in 23 countries, and hundreds of additional programs from which students can choose, the opportunities for education abroad are endless.
  7. Global Research Institute
    W&M’s Global Research Institute empowers teams of students and faculty to make a difference in the world. They are a multidisciplinary hub that brings together academics, practitioners and students to apply research to real world issues.
  8. Global Studies
    Global studies explores the culture, history, languages, literature, politics, and religions of major world regions. Undergraduate students choose to focus in one of these programs: Asian & Middle Eastern studies, Asian & Pacific Islander American studies, European studies, Latin American studies, or Russian & post-Soviet studies.
  9. Government
    The Department of Government is a remarkable community of students, alumni, faculty and staff committed to the study of politics and governance. Our interests span the full range of political behavior and institutions, from the beliefs of ordinary citizens to relationships between nations. We also seek to develop awareness of the moral and ethical implications of political action.
  10. Government & External Affairs
    The Office of Government & External Affairs manages William & Mary’s federal, state, and local government affairs, community engagement, economic development collaborations, and other private-sector partnerships.
  11. Graduate Admission
    As a top public research university, William & Mary offers graduate degree programs that are highly competitive, involve close collaboration with faculty members and provide opportunities for interdisciplinary study.
  12. Graduate Council
    The Graduate Council is dedicated to the concerns of graduate students and consists of representatives from each of the graduate schools. It aims to advocate for graduate students and plan social events specifically for graduate students. It is also connected to the Student Assembly through two delegate officers to coordinate initiatives of interest to all students.
  13. Graduate Studies, Arts & Sciences
    As a top public research university, William & Mary offers Arts & Sciences graduate degree programs that are highly competitive and involve close collaboration with faculty members. We offer a variety of graduate degrees in 11 different areas of study: American studies, anthropology, applied science, biology, chemistry, computational operations research, computer science, history, physics, psychological sciences and public policy.
  14. Griffin, the Tribe Mascot
    William & Mary's mascot is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. The coat of arms of King William and Queen Mary was adorned with lions, and the lion's body of our mascot evokes our historic royal founding and early history.