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Research in Arts & Sciences

All of our faculty members conduct research to advance knowledge within their disciplines. Depending on the field, their research might result in a published article or book, or in a new creative work of art.  A number of research efforts have become formalized into centers and institutes, where collaborations often take place across the traditional disciplines. Faculty research and expertise extend in many ways to the learning opportunities available to students. Indeed, our faculty have gained a national reputation for their innovative approaches.

Entering undergraduate students learn about research in their COLL 100 and COLL 150 courses, and undergraduate research opportunities are available throughout the curriculum. Our faculty members mentor student projects and occasionally involve students in their own research projects. This can result in co-authored papers or co-presentations at conferences. Research Month, an annual event, is an opportunity for students to present their research results.

Each year, our graduate students showcase their research at the Graduate Research Symposium.  

The best way to learn about current research within our departments and programs is to visit their websites, and also consult the faculty directory listings. We've provided some useful links below.

Links to Research by Department or Program

†  = Graduate Study Offered