Research and scholarly inquiry is a highly valued activity in the Department of Sociology. Such a commitment is reflected in faculty research and the department’s dedication to mentoring student research projects and faculty/student collaborations. The student/faculty research facility on the second floor of Morton Hall provides technology and workspace that has helped students and faculty working with students pursue a range of important research questions. This vibrant research environment in the Department of Sociology presents many students with the opportunity to become involved in ongoing faculty research projects. Often these faculty-student research collaborations produce published research articles or conference presentations. Donations for funding student research and faculty/student collaborations can be made at Support Sociology.

The sociology faculty view research as not only an important tool of discovery, but as an essential method of pedagogy. Sociology undergraduate students receive ample opportunity to engage in scholarship both inside and outside of the classroom. One important opportunity is the senior capstone research course. Students also may have the opportunity to develop an Honors thesis project with the close guidance of a faculty advisor. Students have also engaged in research study abroad programs led by sociology faculty.

Sociology faculty members at William & Mary are active researchers whose scholarship addresses myriad issues with scientific and practical importance. Sociology faculty are making important contributions to knowledge in many areas of the discipline, with current projects focusing on key aspects of immigration and naturalization, globalization, social movements, religion, aging, race and gender inequality, education, health and medicine, and criminology and law. Recent research by Department of Sociology faculty is published in leading professional journals, appears in books published by prestigious presses and is funded by important governmental or private grant-making organizations.