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Trent Tschirgi '79  after graduating with a double major in Biology and Sociology in 1979, Trent Tschirgi went to the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, graduating in 1984. He has worked in many Pharmacy specialties, including Nursing Homes, Retail, Hospital, and Home IV Pharmacy. To better serve various immigrant groups, he learned to speak Russian and Spanish in addition to French. He reports that "insights gained from the study of Sociology often helped me navigate my dealings with layers of management at various companies--and oddly, also with criminals who tried to give me forged prescriptions." He has testified in approximately 50 drug-crime-related cases, sometimes as an expert witness. He is licensed to practice pharmacy in two US states and in British Columbia, Canada, where he currently practices and lives. (10/2017)

Megan Brew '15 during her time as an undergraduate in the William & Mary Sociology Department, Megan delved into the roots of inequality, historical contexts of marginalization and issues of access, persistence and retention in higher education. Megan explored her academic passions further through summer internships at the Virginia Community College Foundation and the W&M Office of Undergraduate Admission. After graduating summa cum laude in 2015, Megan teamed up with a fellow William & Mary grad to build a nonprofit, the Armed Services Arts Partnership, to provide arts classes for veterans. Megan transitioned from the nonprofit sphere when she returned to higher education to pursue her Master’s degree in Higher Education from the University of Virginia. She graduated from UVA in spring 2017 and relocated to Washington DC to serve as a Career Management Advisor for undergraduate students in the American University Kogod School of Business.

Ashley Ingram '11 graduated from William & Mary in 2011 with a double major in Sociology and Economics. Upon graduation, Ashley began an Americorps VISTA position with the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, working with a community organization in Brooklyn to address issues of food insecurity. She built resources to increase participation in the SNAP program and expanded access to nutritious food options by supporting community gardens and local produce vendors. Later, after a year working as a legal assistant, Ashley enrolled at Yale Law School. During her time a YLS, Ashley has been able to work on a number of public interest projects. As an intern at the Center for Popular Democracy, she helped create legal and organizing strategies to protect retail workers facing uncertain and harmful scheduling practices and developed a policy guide on best city policies to address climate justice issues. While interning at Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services, Ashley helped serve Appalachian residents facing environmental threats. Throughout law school, Ashley has also worked as a student intern in the Veterans Legal Services Clinic where she has helped veterans suffering from PTSD gain access to the services and benefits they need to successfully return to civilian life. After graduating, Ashley hopes to pursue a legal career focused on environmental justice. 

From the research skills that help sort through piles of documents and effectively interview and counsel clients to the perspectives and lenses to understand the scope and impact of legal policies, Ashley says the skills and lessons she learned studying Sociology have been both defining and impactful throughout her journey. (8/2017)

Katy Lang '09 moved to Arlington, VA and began a consulting career in human capital and change management. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. (9/2016)

Anne Leigh Kerr '91 is the president of Kerr Government Strategies in Richmond, Virginia, where she represents business interests and trade associations for multiple industries on state-level government-relations matters. Her practice focuses on lobbying before the Virginia General Assembly and the executive branch. Read more. (6/2016)

Melanie Levine '13 is currently a Business Development Associate at Dexis Consulting Group in Washington, DC. Our company focuses on international development, particularly USAID, State Department, and World Bank contracts.(4/2016)

Jasmine (Turner) McLaughlin '13: I graduated from the Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) program at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in May 2015, and since June 2015, I have been working as a Case Manager in the Permanent Supportive Housing division at Virginia Supportive Housing, a role in which I serve adults with a history of chronic homelessness, mental illness, chronic physical ailments, and/or substance abuse. In a few weeks, I will be starting a position as a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker on the Outpatient Team at Hanover Community Services Board in Ashland, VA. As a student at VCU, I had the opportunity to intern at Goochland-Powhatan Community Services Board in the Mental Health Skill-building Services Division, where I worked with adults with serious mental illness and helped them build skills for independent living and increase their community integration. I also led the first-ever Mindfulness, Meditation, and Wellness psychoeducational group at the psychosocial rehabilitation program at the agency. I also served as an intern domestic and sexual violence counselor at the YWCA of Richmond while a student at VCU. As an intern at the Y, I played a fundamental role in the planning and facilitation of the first-ever Richmond Women's Process Group, and I also conducted a study on factors that influenced suicidality for survivors of domestic violence using agency case data. My experience in the Sociology program at WM definitely prepared me for graduate school and my career in social work.(4/2016)

Ruby Langeslay '12 graduated with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree in public health, sociology being one of the primary disciplines included. She continued on to the University of Southern California to obtain her Master of Public Health degree with a Global Health Leadership concentration. While studying at USC, she completed her academic practicum at the UN's 66th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland as a member of the civil society delegation for the Union for International Cancer Control. Additionally, her previous research with the William and Mary organization Medical Aid Nicaragua: Outreach Scholarship (MANOS) led her to current position as a Clinical Research Coordinator for the U.S. Air Force at Travis AFB in Northern California. Day to day responsibilities include managing 5 to 10 research projects for the base's medical center. Ruby helps medical residents to write their research protocols, submit them for IRB review, and once approved, run all the logistics of the projects. Studying sociology has been critical in all of Ruby's public health experiences because understanding the social structures in any environment is the first step in identifying how to best address underlying health problems in a population. (4/2016)

Noelle Francois '10 writes that she has partnered with fellow alums William Jeffries, Emily Fuhrman, and Rachel Pick to launch a startup in New York City. Heat Seek NYC uses the internet of things to help vulnerable tenants in the wintertime when their landlords don't provide adequate heat (as required by law). The team won the NYC BigApps tech competition in 2014 by building low cost temperature sensors, and we're incorporating as a nonprofit this fall. If you are as interested in the intersection of technology and social justice as well are, feel free to reach out, or offer your support at http://heatseeknyc.com/. Media attention: https://www.inverse.com/article/5835-heat-seek-nyc-s-smart-sensors-help-tenants-document-too-cold-apartments. (4/2016)

John Doyle '03 reports that he and his wife Joan Doyle (2004) have moved around a bit since graduation: First, we both found ourselves in Charlottesville for graduate school; law school for me and medical school for her. After my graduation, work took us up to Washington, D.C. where I spent my days (and often nights) in a large law firm while Joan spent her days (and often nights) finishing her clinical rotations. Joan's medical residency placement a few years later moved us to the Richmond area, and after commuting to D.C. for a while I hung out my shingle and ultimately became an in-house counsel. Still neither of us found much time for sleep. Finally, we moved to Maine a few years ago and are now putting the finishing touches on the restoration of her old family homestead, a 1785 farmhouse that has consumed our lives recently. Somehow we managed to have five (soon to be six) wonderful kids along the way. The extra hands are quite helpful in the operation of our farm. (4/2016)

Lourdes Santaballa '90 worked as an activist in Minnesota for 11 years after graduating from W&M, focusing on working with battered women and their children and anti-racism/anti-classism. In 2000 she moved to Puerto Rico and worked in low income housing management for 5 years until taking a break to breastfeed her two children. She is currently one of 10 International Board Certified Lactation Consultants in Puerto Rico, a maternal educator and birth/postpartum doula and Certified Holistic Health Coach. She works with the community-based program sePARE promoting normal human microbiota via humanized birth and infant feeding, and facilitating community based support groups for low income women. (4/2016)

Molly (Curtin) de Marcellus '88: After working in community development and natural resources management both overseas and in Appalachia, Molly became convinced that real change and improvement can only come about through a mindset of evaluative thinking and collaborative inquiry. She currently works as a trainer with Evaluate for Change and is consistently impressed and humbled by the professionals she trains in the social sector. And as much as she loves her work, her first love is still spending time with her husband and six amazing kids. (4/2016)

Chris Flippo (M.A. "87) has worked in digital marketing and communications since leaving W&M. He is currently working in the knowledge management field as the director of collaborative services at the Minnnsota Goodwill. (4/2016)

Bill Beamer '72 is an artist and art therapist who practices and counsels an original approach to using art to manage chronic pain. He has worked with the Roanoke Rescue Mission (the largest homeless shelter in Virginia) and has been featured in outsiderart.info and thenevicaproject.com. (4/2016)

Andrea Filzen '13 I graduated with a major in Sociology in 2013. After graduating from The College in 2013 with a BA in Sociology and a concentration in Religious Studies, Andrea joined the Peace Corps in Morocco for the 2014-2016 term. She worked with the youth development sector and developed programs on youth leadership, female empowerment, youth entrepreneurship, and expanding global consciousness. She also focused on HIV/AIDS prevention and exercise & nutrition in her Moroccan community. She very much enjoyed her experience as a volunteer promoting U.S.-Moroccan relations and looks forward to continuing her career with international development work. (4/5/2016)  In 2012-13 She was a participant in the Sharp Seminar https://www.wm.edu/as/charlescenter/donor-sponsored/sharpseminar/index.php, a joint initiative between the Pulitzer Center and the College of William & Mary.  Here is a link to her report on the Tohono O’odham Nation and the US-Mexico border. http://pulitzercenter.org/reporting/clash-border-tohomo-o%E2%80%99odham-nation-migration-Mexico-Arizona-Native-Americans (7/2015)

Christiana Kallon '11 After graduation she worked at William & Mary for three years as an Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admissions where she was primarily responsible for multicultural recruitment. In June 2014 she moved to Amman, Jordan and supported humanitarian efforts in the region in her role as a Programme Analyst for the United Nations Office of Project. Christiana is currently 2015-16 AAUW International Fellow and P.E.O International Peace Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education pursing an M.S.Ed in International Educational Development.  Her area of focus is gender education in sub-Saharan. Her Sociology experience at William & Mary was really the introduction to deconstructing the binaries in our global community that has created barriers between people and places. The ability to use her "sociological imagination" to understand the fluidity and dynamism of the human experience has been fundamental to all of her academic and professional experiences so far. (11/2015)

Manon Murray '15 "As an Analyst in the Office of Presidential Correspondence, She helps facilitate a dialogue between the President and the American people. Our office's mission is to listen to and understand constituents' views, experiences, and ideas, and coordinate a response on behalf of the President. We also provide the President with a daily sample of 10 letters to help keep him in touch with the diverse narratives and opinions of people across the country". (10/2015)

Brandon Lardy '13 After graduating from The College in 2013 with a BA in sociology and public policy, Brandon went on to receive a Master of Public Policy with a focus on social policy from The George Washington University. He is currently a research associate at the Partnership for Public Service, a good government nonprofit based out of Washington, DC. He plans to pursue a doctorate degree in social policy or sociology in the coming years. (10/2015)

Daniel Casey '14 He is currently working at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle as a Post-Bachelor Fellow. As a fellow, Daniel work full-time doing Global Health research while taking coursework to complement his job (and potentially towards an MPH in Health Metrics and Evaluation). Specifically, he works on the Risk Factors team where we study how different social, environmental and health risk factors contribute to the burden of disease experienced by different age, sex, and country groups. Day to day, this means lots of modeling and programming in Stata to explicate the role of individual risk factors (e.g. alcohol consumption or air pollution). His degree in Sociology was instrumental in helping him end up at IHME. His sociology coursework gave him the intellectual tools to examine complex networks and gain familiarity about the intersecting effects between humans, society and the environment. In his work, a lack of knowledge about the origin and propagation of different risk factors would hobble our attempts to understand their effect on health. He also owes a huge deal to the sociology faculty for inspiring his passion for social science research and teaching him quantitative and qualitative tools to conduct top-notch research.

Max Lander '13 For my first work adventure after graduating from William and Mary in 2013, I guided high school groups on summer service and homestay trips to Senegal, West Africa. After returning, I moved to Washington D.C. to begin an internship at World watch Institute working in a research group focused on clean energy development. Joining the Institute full time shortly thereafter, my work has focused on analyzing energy markets, policies, and regulatory structures, particularly with an emphasis on sustainability.  I have also worked on several projects advising African and Caribbean governments on policy, financing, and technical strategies to facilitate the development of low-carbon power systems. Examining a topic as convoluted, political, and all-encompassing as energy, my sociology degree has provided me with many of the tools needed to understand the underlying components of energy production.  In particular, my sociological toolkit has allowed me to analyze the interplay between the political, social, and economic realities that shape society’s relationship to the energy.

Jessica Kahlenberg '12 Jessica graduated from the College of William & Mary in 2012 where she majored in sociology and history. Since graduating, Jessica has worked on three continents, focusing on the sociological issues of global inequality, gender, human rights, global health, and access to education. She spent a summer interning for a fair trade non-profit organization in Guatemala called Mercado Global, where she enjoyed working with indigenous women to sell their artisan crafts on the global market. Following that, she spent a year in India as a World Partners Fellow doing research for a HIV-prevention NGO called SANGRAM, and loved seeing firsthand the real change that grassroots NGOs can make. She subsequently worked in Uganda for a micro finance institution setting up a student loan product for students that could not afford college, in addition to working as a data analyst consultant for a girls’ health NGO. She is currently teaching English to students at a government-funded vocational college in Colombia, in addition to doing research on the side. Jessica hopes to continue focusing on international development from a sociological perspective, specifically on access to education, issues of social justice and promoting gender equality.

Elizabeth Miller '11 http://wmblogs.wm.edu/efmiller/ode-to-the-sociology-department/ I’m a Young Guarde Alum (Class of ‘11) and a W&M staff member in the Office of Community Engagement (OCE) which means I am brimming with Tribe Pride (but it turns out wearing a tri-cornered hat and W&M hoodie doesn’t really qualify as business casual).
After four years of undergraduate life at William and Mary full of adventures, friends, scholarship, some definite moments of struggling, a lot of moments of learning, and a deep sense of empowerment, I graduated from W&M with a B.A. in Women’s Studies in 2011. Every day I am grateful for my experience as a William and Mary student and those four years that taught me so much, especially so many reasons to love the College.
Unable to leave this campus and community behind, I spent my first post-graduate year serving as an Americorps VISTA in OCE, developing programs which used student capacity to address local poverty as well as deepening my own commitment to social justice and active citizenship. I’ve transitioned from an Americorps member to W&M staff as the Coordinator for Community Engagement. Meeting with faculty, staff, students, and community partners, I implement many of the programs which directly connect W&M students to Williamsburg and address local community need.
If you find your way to my blog posts you’ll find:
Undergraduate memories I plan to never forget Recaps of programs and adventures created by the Office of Community Engagement My challenges with being both an alumni who misses her undergraduate days and a staff member who loves her professional role Metaphors, pop-culture references, parentheticals, ramblings, and lots of lists—apparently that’s how I think one communicates in blog-form My love of this college.

Koji Ukai '10 After graduating in 2010, Koji did a brief microfinance internship in Ghana before joining the Peace Corps in El Salvador. In addition to his main project of building of a potable water system, his background as a Sociology major helped inform the direction and strategy behind his work, including the building of ecological stoves, training of teachers and development of a women's soccer team. After his service, he worked at WHEDco, helping to evaluate its literacy program, and as an intern for B Lab, learning about corporate social responsibility. He is currently a Master in Public Policy candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Lisa Bateman '09 After graduating from W&M in 2009 with a double major in Psychology and Sociology, Lisa moved to Tampa, Florida to begin working towards her Ph.D. in School Psychology at the University of South Florida. During her graduate studies, Lisa specialized in pediatric psychology and the provision of school-based mental health services. Her research interests were in the realm of positive psychology, with particular focus on life satisfaction and other indicators of wellness in youth with ADHD. She received her Ph.D. in August of 2014 and subsequently began a postdoctoral fellowship at the Rothman Center for Neuropsychiatry at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. In this position, L:isa specialize in researching and treating OCD and other anxiety disorders.

Debbie Camacho Potter '78 I earned a master's degree in social work in 1987 from UNC Chapel Hill and went on to become a licensed clinical social worker. I've worked in a variety Social Work of settings over the years: community mental health, teaching and community hospitals, Head Start, public schools and hospice. I am presently the first LCSW to be employed at a continuing care retirement community with residents in Assisted and Independent Living. In this role I provide education and services around dementia (I'm also a Dementia Care Specialist through the Foundation of America), end of life planning, bereavement, and mental health. I'm happy to talk to any students or alumni interested in a career as a social worker.

Avina Ross '09  B.A. The College of William & Mary '09, Since graduating from William and Mary in 2009, I have earned my master’s degree in Sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). I’ve worked as the Criminal Justice Planner for James City County, the State Coordinator of Virginia’s local and regional domestic violence fatality review teams through the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, and as the Operations & Community Response Specialist for Avalon: A Center for Women and Children in Williamsburg. Currently, I teach Sociology part-time and am back in school as a doctoral student at VCU’s School of Social Work with plans to graduate by Spring 2017. (02/14)

Neah Monteiro '07  B.A. The College of William & Mary '07, Since the summer of 2012, I have been working in the central communications office of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in Philadelphia as the organization's web editor. AFSC, a Quaker nonprofit, has been working for social justice for nearly a century, and we continue to work with communities around the world to address inequality, violence, and injustice.
My sociology background helps me on a daily basis with strategies for communications and social change. I also draw on my education to understand the human rights issues that our programs address. (09/2013)

Nathan Weems '02  B.A. The College of William & Mary '02, J.D. University of Oklahoma College of Law '05, is an attorney based in the Cleveland, Ohio, metropolitan area.  His practice focuses on domestic relations law.  An experienced and successful trial attorney, Nathan has shifted his focus to domestic relations appeals in recent years.  He is the proud owner of a 2 year-old miniature schnauzer/Jack Russell mix named Nezzy, whom he adopted as a rescue when she was four weeks old.  Outside of his legal work, he enjoys spending time with his growing family and at the dog park with Nezzy.  He is also a volunteer with the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center (DVCAC) in Cleveland, Ohio. (12/2012)

Adam Gismondi '05  After graduating from W&M, I did my master's degree at the University of Florida in Student Personnel in Higher Education while working in student affairs.  I then worked as Assistant Director of Student Activities at Florida State University for four years, primarily working towards helping students to become engaged on campus.  Last year, I began the Higher Education PhD program at Boston College, where my research focus is technology in higher ed.  Our work often brings in the work of the sociologists that I studied at W&M, which serves as yet another reminder that I made a great choice of major in undergraduate. (10/2012)

Stephen Parker '64 Just published a book at Tate Publishing Inc. called Bridges, Reconnecting Science and Faith
As a chaplain at Salisbury School in CT., I taught theology and astronomy to seniors; when I retired I put these two life time passions together. Of course, my W& M experience was crucial to this endeavor! (9/12)

Stephen J. Morewitz, '75, A.M. '78, has a a solo author retrospective at the California State University, East Bay Library, June 11 through September 1, 2012, This exhibit showcases eight books and one play, Steamship Quanza,"  by the awards-winning author. (7/12)

Nancy Whitehead Brockman ’72  Master's Social Work, 1986, Virginia Commonwealth University. Mental Health Therapist in private practice since 1996, at Peace of Mind in Madison Heights, VA, since 2000. Married with 2 sons. Oldest son, Michael Kincaid Brockman, graduated W&M 2009. (10/2011)

Christen Bradley ’06  I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Georgia with an expected gradation date of May 2012--I'm hard at work on my dissertation! I am currently on the job market, so I will hopefully be working in sociology and spreading the W&M love at a new university. I also have a paper forthcoming in Social Forces that came out of my M.A. work. Just wanted to share all of this so that the department had the record of a graduate continuing on in sociology--I know that can matter for accreditation, etc. Thanks! (10/2011)

Deborah Parker ’77  Deborah is the author of the newly released book, Navigating Life's Roadways; Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey. Chronicling her life's setbacks and successes with metaphorical narratives, this book speaks to the plethora of situations we all face around family, career, relationships, choices, loss, community or health. Growing up during the pre- civil rights area in southern Virginia, this book also provides a wonderful history lesson about the struggles and victories in race relations, education and gender equity as Deborah shares her experiences in her hometown, William and Mary, the army and corporate venues. She is also the owner of The DPJ Training Group, where she provides training programs on leadership development, communications and cultural diversity for federal and private sector clients. (9/2011)

Avina Ross ’09  I've recently accepted a position with the VA Department of Health through the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, as the State Coordinator for local domestic violence fatality review teams. Just 2 months into the position, I've learned so much. Dr. Virginia Powell, who has taught at W&M, is my supervisor and a strong mentor. I am finishing up my Master's in Sociology at VCU this academic year. This semester, I am also tasked as an intern for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, to examine the relationship between domestic violence and suicide in Virginia. I plan to graduate Spring 2012 and continue to work as an advocate for victims of sexual and domestic violence, both as a researcher and state employee. (Yippee!) (8/2011)

Julie Price ’07  Just wanted to let the Soc. dept. know that I have started in a new development associate position at the National Women's Law Center in D.C. (7/2011)

Allyson Ross ’06  Began dancing with the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater in May 2010 ( a Contemporary Ballet/Modern Dance company). In fall 2010, she will be running the gifted education program at a Las Vegas Charter School and will be in the process of creating an Arts in Education partnership between the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater and the School. (7/2010)Class of 2011