Graduate Research Symposium

The annual Graduate Research Symposium (GRS) is a unique educational and networking event, encouraging exchange between disciplines and bringing together students from William & Mary and  regional universities. The focus of the Symposium is on the individual student and his or her research, though graduate students take the opportunity to discuss ongoing research in their fields. The Nineteenth Annual Graduate Research Symposium (GRS) will be held at the Sadler Center in March 20-21, 2020.  Registration will be on the third floor, in Chesapeake AB.

The GRS is the only broadly themed, graduate student focused conference designed to bring together graduate students from differing areas of study and from all stages of the degree process. It is an exciting opportunity to share experiences common to students in all graduate school communities. In 2019, there were more than 140 poster and oral presentations by graduate students from all eleven W&M Graduate Arts and Sciences Programs and 14 regional institutions.  

The Graduate Research Symposium grew out of, and along with, the American Cultures Conference, an annual event launched in 2002 by William & Mary's American Studies Program.  Nurtured by Dr. Hans von Baeyer, Emeritus Chancellor Professor of Physics and former Director of the Graduate Center, the GRS is now overseen by a dedicated group of William & Mary graduate student volunteers and supported by the Dean and staff in the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.  

Here is the 2019 Schedule of Events and 2019  Symposium Program.  Check out our past symposia programs to get a sense of the event.


img_8439-1.jpgGRS Poster Presentation