The Psychological Sciences Department is committed to developing, disseminating, and applying new knowledge in the psychological sciences. We attract and support faculty members who are recognized for excellence in research; and we integrate research opportunities throughout our undergraduate and graduate programs, so that students at all levels gain an understanding of the relationships among theory, research, and application.

The breadth of our faculty research areas provides a range of research opportunities for students. Many undergraduate students are introduced to a research area through directed readings, independent research, or simply because they choose to volunteer. With guidance from a faculty mentor, they often develop independent research projects that can serve as the basis for a departmental Honors thesis.

Students in our M.A. program become involved in research early in their graduate career. The amount of work these students complete is impressive, as evidenced by the select programs many of them choose for their subsequent doctoral work. 

Often our faculty provide opportunities for students(pdf) in these different programs to work together. Our rationale is that undergraduate students will learn through interactions with more experienced students, while our graduate students will gain valuable experience in mentoring their more junior colleagues.   Add interactions with faculty, and we end up with a vibrant intellectual atmosphere, leading to new discoveries within the field of psychology.