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Clinical and Community/Prevention

Faculty who do research in clinical and community/prevention psychology at W&M.

Danielle Dallaire
  • Effects of maternal incarceration on their children; attachment; developmental psychopathology. [[w|dhdall]]
Paul D. Kieffaber
  • Cognitive deficits in schizophrenia; neural correlates of cognitive decline in aging and age-related disorders. [[w|pdkieffaber]]
Michael P. Nichols
  • Family therapy; couples dynamics and gender. [[w|mpnich]]


Jennifer A. Stevens
  • Motor recovery in patient populations. [[w|jastev]]
Janice Zeman
  • Child and adolescent internalizing disorders; emotion regulation in children and adolscents and links to psychological maladaptation; developmental psychopathology. [[w|jlzema]]

*Retired Clinical and Community Prevention Faculty
Joselih Galano Professor Emeritus
  • Community psychology, prevention and mental health promotion; program evaluation, researcher-practitioner collaboration, State and National child abuse prevention. [[w|jxgala]]
Glenn D. Shean Professor Emeritus
  • Social cognition; mental disorders; affect perception; interpersonal developmental; aspects of psychological maladjustment. [[w|gdshea]]
W. Larry Ventis Professor Emeritus
  • Therapeutic applications of humor, psychology of religion, and social learning theory. [[w|wlvent]]