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Social and Personality

Cheryl L. Dickter
  • Social cognition and person perception; stereotyping and prejudice; smoking initiation and maintenance. [[w|cldickter]]
Lee A. Kirkpatrick
  • Evolutionary psychology; psychology of religion; attachment and close relationships. [[w|lakirk]]
Harvey J. Langholtz
  • Applied decision theory; behavioral aspects of international diplomacy. [[w|hjlang]]
Constance J. Pilkington
  • Social psychology; romantic relationship dynamics; the self. [[w|cjpilk]]
Joanna Schug
  • Cross-cultural psychology; social psychology; socio-ecological approaches to human behavior. [[w|jschug]]
Todd M. Thrash
  • Personality/social psychology; inspiration; approach-avoidance; implicit-explicit motives; creativity; "the chills." [[w|tmthra]]