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Environmental Research

Most of our Environmental Science and Policy students get involved with research at some time during their undergraduate years. A significant research experience provides student with a novel opportunity to develop their critical thinking, problem solving abilities, and academic independence. Such an experience often makes students more competitive for the next step in their career.

The first step in getting involved in research is to contact possible research mentors. Read through the ENSP Faculty Directory page on this site and contact people to set up an appointment. Many faculty have funding of their own that can help you perform independent research during the semesters or summer, but you should also make yourself familiar with the broad range of student research funding opportunities available through the College's Charles Center. In addition to the general research projects listed under the Faculty--Research Areas listing, there are several undergraduate research programs on campus that Environmental students are currently involved in and offer significant summer funding.

Students are also encouraged to look outside W&M for research opportunities, particularly those that offer group and team-based research experiences. Below is a list of some programs.