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To watch faculty interviews created by our ENSP 101 class, click here.

ENSP core faculty can serve as major and minor advisors as well as research advisors.


Boone, Tonya
Associate Professor of Business
Office: Miller Hall 3009
Telephone: 757-221-2073

Alan Braddock 2020

Braddock, Alan
Ralph H. Wark Associate Professor of Art History, Environmental Humanities, and American Studies
Office (Art History): Andrews 206C
Phone: (757) 221-2250
Email : [[acbraddock]]
Areas of Specialization: American Art, ecology, environmental justice, and animal studies

Butler, Lynda
Chancellor Professor of Law and Director, William and Mary Property Rights Project and Co-Chair, President's Committee on Sustainability
Full Directory Profile: View Professor Butler's complete profile {{,here}}

Randy Chambers

Chambers, Randy
Director of the Keck Environmental Field Lab and Professor of Biology
Office: Keck Environmental Field Lab 101
Phone: 757 221 2331
Email: [[rmcham]]
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Xin 2020 x200

Conan-Wu, Xin
Associate Professor of Art History
Office : Andrews Hall 209
Phone: (757) 221-2530
Email: : [[xwu]]
Areas of Specialization: East Asian Art, representations of nature, garden & landscape studies, intellectual history
Personal Website:

Doug DeBerry

DeBerry, Doug
Research Assistant Professor (ENSP)/Affiliate Biology Faculty
Office: Integrated Science Center 3279
Phone: 757-221-7741
Email: [[dadeberry]]
Office: Integrated Science Center 3279


Fisher, Andy
Associate Professor of History
Office: Blair 338
Phone: 757-221-3408
Email: [[ahfis2]]
Regional Areas of Research: United States
Thematic Areas of Research: Imperialism and Colonialism, Environmental, Native American/Indigenous Peoples, North American West, Pacific World/Pacific Rim, Race and Ethnicity

Rob Hicks

Hicks, Robert
Professor of Economics
Fields: Environmental, Econometrics
Email: [[rlhick]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 252 (757-221-3707)

Ibes, Dorothy
Senior Lecturer, Environment & Sustainability Program, and Center for Geospatial Analysis
Office: ISC 2135

Kaste Thumbnail

Kaste, Jim
Professor of Geology
Office: McGlothlin-Street Hall 305
Email: [[jmkaste]]
Office Phone: 757 221 2951

Kaup, Brent
Associate Professor of Sociology
Office: Boswell Hall 225
Email: [[bzkaup]]
Website: {{}}
Research Areas: Environmental Sociology, Political Ecology, Political Economy, Globalization & Development


Lockwood, Rowan
Professor of Geology
Office: McGlothlin-Street Hall 226
Email: [[rxlock]]
Office Phone: 757 221 2878

Dan Maliniak

Maliniak, Daniel
Assistant Professor of Government and Public Policy
Office: Chancellors 347, 757-221-2266
Links: [[dxmali, Email]]
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm. Sign up {{, here.}}
Research Interests: International Relations/Political Economy, Environment


Seger, Monica
Associate Professor of Italian Studies
Office: Washington Hall 215
Phone: (757) 221-2437
Email: [[mjseger]]

James Skelton Thumb

Skelton, James
Assistant Professor
Office: ISC 2121
Phone: 757-221-1748
E-mail: [[jeskelton]]
Read more: {{}}


Stafford, Sarah
Professor of Economics
Fields: Environmental, Regulation
Email: [[slstaf]]
Office (Phone): Chancellors 317A (757-221-1317)

John Swaddle

Swaddle, John
Professor of Biology
Phone: 757-221-2231
Email: [[jpswad]]
Read more: {{}}