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Institute for Integrative Conservation

Connecting academic innovation to conservation solutions

As global change accelerates, uncertainty about its impact increases and the need for solutions that address emerging conservation challenges rises.

The Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC) will be at the forefront of transformational research and education to solve some of the most critical conservation issues our planet faces today. By combining forces with public, private, and nonprofit sectors, the IIC will serve to lead global efforts to advance sustainability and protect the environment for generations to come. William & Mary’s size, entrepreneurial culture, and breadth and depth of academic and research fields make it uniquely positioned to help lead this conservation revolution.

Learn more and get involved.

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Apply for the 2021 Conservation Research Program

The Charles Center and the Institute for Integrative Conservation are pleased to offer an integrative conservation research program for W&M undergraduate students in 2021. Students engaged in this program will work alongside conservation partners and faculty mentors to complete applied, interdisciplinary research projects needed to advance real-world conservation action and policy. Learn more here.

Listen to the Conservation Stories Podcast

Housed at William & Mary’s Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC) in Williamsburg, Virginia, the Conservation Stories podcast expands the traditional understanding of conservation through storytelling that amplifies multiple ways of knowing. Episodes provide listeners with the knowledge and tools to contribute to conservation efforts while engaging them in the local to global conservation dialogue. Learn more here.

Sign up for the new CON 201 Integrative Conservation Course

An introduction to the field of integrative conservation. Through this course, students will learn about the connectedness between natural and human ecosystems, explore the value of biodiversity to aspects of society, and learn about existing and emerging actions and strategies in integrative conservation. Learn more about integrative conservation courses here.

Sign up for the IIC Listserv

Join the IIC conservation network. We will be using this listserv to advertise events, programs, and opportunities for engagement. Sign up here.

Recent Event: The Sustainability Myth: Environmental Gentrification and the Politics of Justice

Hosted by the Institute for Integrative Conservation at William & Mary, this lecture by Dr. Melissa Checker examined the socioeconomic impact of environmental gentrification and urban redevelopment on the viability of non-gentrifying neighborhoods across New York and highlighted the work of environmental justice advocates to unveil the socioeconomic consequences and racist underpinning of sustainability. Dr. Checker also participated in a student brown bag discussion.

Visit the IIC Youtube channel to see all of our recorded events and lectures.