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Institute for Integrative Conservation

Connecting academic innovation to conservation solutions

As global change accelerates, uncertainty about its impact increases and the need for solutions that address emerging conservation challenges rises.

The Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC) will be at the forefront of transformational research and education to solve some of the most critical conservation issues our planet faces today. By combining forces with public, private, and nonprofit sectors, the IIC will serve to lead global efforts to advance sustainability and protect the environment for generations to come. William & Mary’s size, entrepreneurial culture, and breadth and depth of academic and research fields make it uniquely positioned to help lead this conservation revolution.

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Immersive Conservation Mural Pitch Competition on April 9th
 W&M undergraduate students are invited to work in interdisciplinary teams to pitch a concept for a mural and augmented reality experience that inspires the Williamsburg community to participate in conservation action. Winning teams will receive a $300 prize and will work alongside professional programmers and artists to design and implement the mural and augmented reality experience in the fall of 2021. Watch the info session and learn more here.
W&M Sustainability Symposium- April 20th and 21st

Highlighting the voices of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, the W&M Sustainability Symposium will explore the interconnectedness of societies and ecosystems, arts and action, and individuals and impact. From a global perspective to our front door, the Symposium will include two keynote speakers who will guide us through a discussion on interconnectedness. The first event of the symposium is Understanding our Interconnectedness with Céline Cousteau on April 20, 3-4:30 pm ET. The second event of the Sustainability Symposium, A Closer Look with Winona LaDuke, is on April 21, 6-7:30 pm ET.  Learn more here

IIC Student Leadership Council Nominations are due April 16th

The IIC is seeking nominations for our new Student Leadership Council (SLC). The SLC will meet regularly with the IIC leadership to (1) advise the IIC on matters relevant to all students at W&M, (2) will serve as ambassadors for the IIC to help with outreach and recruitment of students in IIC initiatives, (3) will identify new opportunities for student engagement, and (4) will host one student-focused event each semester.  The SLC will represent the diversity of the W&M community, including students from all schools and departments at W&M. Students can nominate themselves for the SLC. Nominations are due on April 16th.

Listen to the Conservation Stories Podcast

Housed at William & Mary’s Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC) in Williamsburg, Virginia, the Conservation Stories podcast expands the traditional understanding of conservation through storytelling that amplifies multiple ways of knowing. Episodes provide listeners with the knowledge and tools to contribute to conservation efforts while engaging them in the local to global conservation dialogue. Learn more here.


Sign up for the IIC Listserv

Join the IIC conservation network. We will be using this listserv to advertise events, programs, and opportunities for engagement. Sign up here.

Introduction to the Institute for Integrative Conservation

{{youtube:large|rjVv7nBDc9U, The Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC) will be at the forefront of transformational research and education to solve some of the most critical conservation issues our planet faces today. Learn more about how you can get involved in the IIC Network.}}

Past Events

Visit the IIC Youtube channel to see all of our recorded events and lectures.