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About the IIC

The Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC) seeks to connect innovative academic thinking with global conservation priorities to create sustainable solutions where people and nature can thrive.

Our Vision

People and nature are inextricably, equitably, and justly connected and the natural environment thrives for current and future generations

Our Mission

William & Mary’s Institute for Integrative Conservation cultivates an inclusive community of creative thought leaders to deliver timely, innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing conservation challenges.

We achieve this mission by:

  • Bringing together global expertise, diverse perspectives, and an entrepreneurial mindset to address emerging issues in a rapidly changing international environment.
  • Strengthening the connections among people, communities, and nature to prepare the next generation of bold, compassionate, and principled conservationists to adapt and respond quickly to challenges as they arise.


Our Values

These core values serve as a framework for our fundamental beliefs, how we collaborate with partners, make decisions, choose to work and approach our strategic objectives.  We state these values as a series of “we strive” statements as a way to recognize that while we as individuals and as a team fully embrace these values, we understand that these values can have plural implications for us and that they will bear the disciplinary and social background of each individual. We respect this pluralism and acknowledge that we won't "fully" understand the knowledge sets, ethics, and practices of others. We also recognize that we all have work to do, through internal reflection and team engagement, in order to fully transform the way we work with ourselves and others in the spirit with which they are written. We also hope that all those involved with the IIC and our work, including students, staff, and faculty at William & Mary and external partners will work with us to bring these values to life as we work toward mutual goals. We value being:


We strive to challenge assumptions and connect knowledge and action


We strive to sensitively and respectfully co-craft solutions in partnerships and act with urgency


We strive for diversifying and respecting plural communities, knowledge, and perspectives and to decolonize conservation and support antiracist action


We strive to take risks, disrupt systems, and be experimental and adaptive and hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and actions


We strive to lead by example, inspire and empower others to join in the action, and foster and follow the next generation of young conservation leaders.

Our Initiatives
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Curriculum Development

In collaboration with academic and conservation partners, the IIC will design an entirely new curriculum for training the next generation of conservation leaders. Along with conservation science, students will develop skills in design thinking, business processes and management, finance, regulatory frameworks, and fundraising, and be expert communicators who can relate to a diversity of audiences and cultures.

Learn more about IIC Curriculum


The IIC will work with external partners to establish pilot internship and summer research fellowships for graduate and undergraduate students to evolve and expand the program. Students can be inspired and energized to “be the difference” and build hands-on experience while learning critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, collaboration, and strong communication through exposure to internship opportunities.


Research enables our students to apply the theory they learn in the classroom to advance the knowledge that can help society tackle complex issues and challenges. Through focused collaborations with conservation organization partners, our students will explore the transformative innovations that occur when people from different disciplines and broad perspectives work together in unique ways. The new ideas and solutions developed will guide actual conservation practices.

Explore Student Research Projects

Conservation Partnerships

Working with internal and external partners, the IIC will help design, test, and implement new technologies to solve specific conservation issues and help turn vast amounts of data into useful information. Through establishing a strong network of conservation organizations, federal and state agencies, and private corporations, the IIC can help turn integrative research into actionable policy.

IIC Network

The IIC Network consists of innovative conservation leaders from across W&M, conservation organizations, state and federal agencies, local communities, and private corporations who bring diverse perspectives, skills, knowledge, and expertise to the development of innovative conservation solutions. The IIC is thankful for the guidance and support of our external Conservation Advisory Board, our internal Steering Committee, our Research and Curriculum Committees, our Student Leadership Council, and partners in our IIC Network.

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Explore how you can help the IIC advance our academic and conservation mission.