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Rinabeth Apostol
Distinguished theatre fellow takes stage for W&M Asian Centennial

Rinabeth Apostol wrote a one-woman show and will perform another in seeking to bring the Asian American experience to the stage at William & Mary. Apostol is serving as distinguished theatre fellow for the university’s Asian Centennial this academic year.

sheep graze in pasture
Discovery of ancient sheep DNA revises origin story for purported Viking colony

The Faroe Islands, an archipelago between Norway and Iceland, were once believed to have been settled by Viking explorers in the mid-9th century CE. Thanks to new analysis of ancient sheep DNA, the remote, North Atlantic islands are now shown to have been inhabited by British Isle shepherds centuries before the Vikings arrived.

Illustration of an atom
In ‘Nature’: The need to update neutrino models

Neutrinos may be the key to finally solving a mystery of the origins of our matter-dominated universe, and preparations for two major, billion-dollar experiments are underway to reveal the particles’ secrets.

A logo that reads "iGEM"
W&M team returns from iGEM competition bearing honors

William & Mary’s undergraduate iGEM team won a Gold Medal and was nominated for a major award at the iGEM Giant Jamboree, the annual conference and award ceremony of the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Foundation.

Jason Chen and Francis Tanglao Aguas
W&M professors hone mixed-reality training to promote diverse hiring

Jason Chen, associate professor of education at William & Mary, is working with Professor of Theatre and Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies Francis Tanglao Aguas are using a grant from the National Science Foundation to create a professional development curriculum.

Steve Holliday
Lighting the Kimball: W&M Theatre gets creative in temporary home

Recent afternoons found Professor of Theatre Steve Holliday standing in various spots on the Kimball Theatre stage directing students either in the wings, on the catwalk or up on pneumatic lifts where to aim the lights.

Decadence Beyond Borders in "Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran"

Narrated and performed by Javaad Alipoor and co-star Peyvand Sadeghian, RICH KIDS loosely follows the ill-fated story of lovers Parivash and Hossein (the first, a middle-class girl, the second, one of the show’s eponymous #richkids) backwards in time, from its end in a car crash back to its beginning as seen on Instagram, the audience’s window into the couple’s narrative.

W&M Cypher
Interviews with the Student Diversity Fellows

The Government Department's Diversity Committee recently hired five students to serve as Student Diversity Fellows for the department. They spoke to us regarding their experiences as Diversity Fellows.

Alum Wendy Gonaver wins the Simkins Prize

Wendy Gonaver recently won the Simkins Prize for the best first book in US Southern History over the last two years from the Southern Historical Association.

A W&M student viewing the P.K. Chen exhibit
Exhibit shares stories of first Asian students at W&M

Sumié Yotsukura ‘22 and Brian Zhao ’23 recently celebrated the installation of the exhibit, “Pu Kao Chen: Thoughts of 1923 U.S. & W&M,” at Swem Library. The exhibit was the culmination of their research project to unearth the stories of the first Asian students to attend W&M.

Prof. Jennifer Mellor Educating Students and Policymakers on Health Policy

Professor Jennifer Mellor wears many hats at William & Mary. She's a Public Policy faculty affiliate, Director of Graduate Studies for Public Policy, Director of the Schroeder Center for Health Policy, and member of the Economics Department. Recently, she was profiled in the W&M campus newspaper, The Flat Hat, for her wide ranging contributions to health policy research and teaching.