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Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium is one of the Charles Center's annual undergraduate research events. The whole community is welcome to come check out the exciting research being done by William & Mary undergraduates!

The 2019 Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on Friday, Oct. 25 in Swem Library from 12-5 p.m. 140 students shared their research projects with W&M faculty, staff, parents and peers.

Below are a list of students who shared their research at the Symposium. Thanks to all of our student presenters and guests who came out in support of undergraduate research at William & Mary! Don't miss our Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium on April 3!

A list of student presenters
Student Name Project Title Project Department Project Advisor
Claire Hogan Success Rate of Individuals in Multi-level Marketing Companies Accounting Foster, Elizabeth
Adithi Ramakrishnan Culture and Conflict: An analysis of post-colonial heritage structures in Mumbai, India Africana Studies Mei Mei Sanford
Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Society Black Rainbow American Studies Elizabeth Losh
Erin Turbeville Presence of a Past Empire: A Spatial Analysis of Amsterdam Anthropology Adela Amaral
Mary Lawrence Young Native Harvesting Practices and the Sustainability of the Chesapeake Oyster Fishery: A York River Study Anthropology Martin Gallivan
Francis Edemobi APIA Capstone APIA Francis Tanglao-Aguas
Martha Rose Painting a Melting Pot:Painting a Melting Pot: Church Architectural Similarities and Differences Here and Abroad Art Susan Demeo
Evan Broennimann Skin and Bones: A Sculptural Exploration of Change Through Form and Structure Art & Art History Elizabeth, Mead
Madeline Salino Fashion & Sustainability Art History Alan Braddock
Lizzy Davies Reaction-Diffusion Dynamics of Complex Petal Pigmentation Patterning in Hybrid Mimulus Biology Puzey, Joshua
Margaret Donnan Effects of Longhorned Milkweed Beetle Root Feeding on Re-sprouting in Common Milkweed Biology Harmony Dalgleish
Jerry O'Dwyer Resistance to Thyroid Hormone Syndrome Mutant and the role of Hypercalcemia Biology Lizabeth Allison
Joyner Miller Investigating Spatio-Temporal Variation in Abundance of Black-legged Ticks in the Williamsburg Area Biology Matthias Leu
Jacob Warner Corticosterone hormone as an indicator for environmental mercury stress in migratory versus resident bird species Biology Daniel Cristol
Carolina Lopez Silva Thyroid Hormone Receptor: Localization & Pathogenesis Biology Lizabeth, Allison
Emily Xu X chromosome segregation in an A. rhodensis mutant Biology Diane Shakes
Ansley Levine Sustainability in Chesapeake Shorescapes: Comparison between grass shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio) populations in created and natural fringe marshes Biology Randolph Chambers
Jason Dean Robinson The Study of Pollinator Effectiveness on the Common Milkweed Biology Harmony Dalgleish
Lana Jagannathan Ethanol Resistance in V. fischeri Biology William, Soto
Angie Pak Fluid Exit Ratio Analysis in Filter Feeding Fish Models Biology Sarah L. Sanderson
Stephanie Do Construction of a Bioprinter and Examining Mycobacteria Smegmatis Biofilm and Phage Interactions Biology Saha, Margaret
Jennifer Sprow Immunocontraception as an Alternative to Surgical Spay and Neuter Biology Paul Heideman
Christina Sabochick Swimming into your heart: Using zebrafish to study vascular defects resulting from embryonic alcohol exposure Biology Jennifer, Rahn
Sally Mullis Testing Sound as a Deterrent for Bird Collisions Biology John Swaddle
Grace Kier Big Nuke Energy: Providing a Voice for Women in Nonproliferation Biology Daniel Cristol
Rithvik Nalamalapu Role of Calcium Signaling in Neural Development Biology Margaret Saha
Pedro Massa Expression of Parvin in Drosophila Gonads Biology Matthew Wawersik
Hannah Hrncir Elucidating function of the novel gene, childless gambino (chigno), in testis cyst stem cells Biology Matthew, Wawersik
Grace Solini A Comparative Analysis of the Compensatory Response to Notch Signaling Perturbation in Xenopus laevis and Xenopus  borealis Biology Margaret Saha
Jessica Fleury RNAi based Screen for Regulators of testis Stem Cell niche Development Biology Matthew Wawersik
Krishna Tejo Locations in India that are Medically Underserved Biology/CAMS Michael, LaMar
Allen Allen Implementation of Advanced Analytics in Collegiate Sports Business Joe, Wilck
Thanh Pham Nicotine as a potential therapeutic treatment for Parkinson’s Disease Chemistry Thanh Pham
John Li Investigating Dye-Sensitized and Plasmon-Enhanced Photocatalysis  using Single-Molecule Spectroscopy Chemistry John Z Li
Kelly Kopera Investigating the Electron Transfer Kinetics of Eosin Y Photosensitizers using Single Molecule Spectroscopy Chemistry Kristin Wustholz
Michael Guzzano Synthesis of proflorophores Chemistry Douglas young
Isabel Agostino The Role of Drug-Receptor Bonding and Thermodynamics in Addiction Chemistry Lisa, Landino
Meghan Acheson Low MMR Vaccination Rates in the United States and the Outbreaks they Cause Chemistry Sher, Beverly
Benjamin Travis Synthesizing Iron Complexes for the Production of Hydrogen Gas Chemistry William McNamara
Titouan Duston de Villereglan Investigation of Structural and Photophysical Properties of Organometallic Copper Iodide complexes Chemistry Titouan Duston
Leonie Qin Synthesis of Quinone-based Natural Products Chemistry Dana Lashley
Angela Leersnyder The synthesis of a pyrrolodiketopiperazine and its derivatives Chemistry Johnathan Scheerer
Susanna Maisto Synthesis of Pyrrolodiketopiperazines and Related Derivatives Chemistry Jonathan Scheerer
Rory Edgar The Influence of Christianity on Early Irish Mythology Classical Studies Zackary Wainer
Michael Foster App Development Computer Science Jim Deverick
Alex Fantine Countering Bias in Natural Language Machine Learning Algorithms Computer Science Jim Deverick
Ian Wolff Information Architecture Redesign of Banner Website Computer Science James, Deverick
Andrew Lyubovsky Magneto Computer Science Andrew Lyubovsky
Eli Gnesin Spinning the Coaching Carousel: How Trends in Scoring Inform Coaching Hires in NCAA Men’s Basketball Data Science Stephen, Shellman
Gus Espinosa Media in Venezuela Data Science Liz Losh
Ethan Brown Accession or Erosion: Examining the Relationship between Domestic Conditions and Voter Support for E.U. Membership in Referenda, 1990-present Economics Katie Lopresti
William Anderson The Economics of Abortion Demand Economics McHenry, Peter
Katie Wang Comovement of exchange rate Economics Matthew Kelpacz
Maxime Legros Economics of Religion: Faith, Race and Community Economics John Parman
Kate Kowalski “Such a Dreadful Silence”: Slavery in Mansfield Park English R. Benedito Ferrão
Samantha Boateng Postcolonial African Women’s Voices in Migration English Melanie Dawson
Riley Cohen Female World War II Pilots in Historical Fiction English Susan Donaldson
Hunter Hall Two Languages: How Authors Portray Dialect in Victorian Literature English Raitt, Suzanne
Suhas Suddala Art Therapy: Environmental Science and Policy Dorothy Ibes
Sam de Vignier-Awad Writing Horror Film and Media Studies Kevin Smith
Chase Jones The LGBTQ Social Media Problem: Facebook Case Studies Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Elizabeth, Losh
Sam Laveson Rift Propagation in the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica Geology Nick Balascio
Ryan Walter The Smith River Allochthon: Investigations of the Blue Ridge-Piedmont Boundary in Central Virginia Geology Christopher Bailey
Eric Nubbe The Origin of Listwaenite in the Wadi Mansah Area, Northern Oman Geology Christopher Bailey
Rachel Parthasarthy Increasing Zinc Levels in Lake Matoaka Geology Jim Kaste
Cayla Harrison Women and their Health in United States Prison Systems Global Health Dr. Iyabo Obasanjo
Seth Gnesin Understanding the Lack of Revolutionary Movements in Strong and Weak States Government Clayton Clemens
Sidney Miralao American Populism as used by 20th Century Politicians versus the Authoritarian Populism of Donald Trump: A Literature Review Government Clayton Clemens
Coyote Farrell The Contours of Constitution: Geography, Interests, and the Early Political Institutions of Vermont and New Hampshire Government Daniel  Maliniak
Aleyah Gowell The Consequences of an Imperfect Amendment Government Jackson Sasser
Alexandra Harris Capacity of State Education Agencies Government Paul Manna
Tristan Andrews Fighting Poverty, Helping Prisoners Government Christopher, Howard
Elizabeth Sutterlin Mobile Microinsurance Government Phil Roessler
Emma Heinze Community Health Partners: Immunization Coverage in Narok County Health Sciences Camilla Buchanan
Lydia Vlasto Lessons from Third Cinema Hispanic Studies Silvia Tandeciarz
Ben Heath Life All Around Me Here in the Village: A Collection of Poetry about Greene County, Ohio History Adrienne Petty
Annemarie Wolf Name Erasure of the 25th Ruling Dynasty of Egypt History Jeremy Pope
Jenna Galberg The “Rabbits” of Ravensbrück: Medical Experiments Performed at the Nazi Women’s Concentration Camp History Nadine Zimmerli
Elsa Chinburg Geological and Anthropological History of Sutton, NH History James Whittenburg
Caroline Azdell The Path of Progress: An Examination of Race and Racism in Student Culture at The College of William and Mary History Tuska Benes
Zhengyuan Ling The Lesser-known Modernization: a Study of late-Qing China’s Draft Constitutions History Eric Han
Maggie Herndon The Artistic Portrayal of the Mexican Revolution and its Effect on the Common Understanding of its Values and Success History Betsy Konefal
Liz Rosen Feelings about Footballers: Sentiment Predictors for German Soccer Players International Relations S.P. Harish
Nathan Liu Risky Food: Understanding Potentially Disadvantageous Taiwanese Food Trade Restrictions. International Relations Tun-jen Cheng
Meg Hogan Fridges for Economic Development International Relations/Economics Daniel Maliniak
Hayley Scheir Exploring Variations among Social Classes on Environmental Issues Italian Studies Monica, Seger
Sarah Grace Frary Resilience and Resistance: Models of Palestinian Community Development and International Volunteerism Judaic Studies Dr. Maggie Kirsh
Holly Waters Our Microbial Minds Kinesiology Queen, Ashleigh
Makeda Warner Patient Satisfaction at Olde Towne Medical Center Kinesiology Iyabo Obasanjo
Matthew Tucker Analyzing Six Prevalent Diseases among Homeless Subpopulations – A Literature Review Kinesiology and Health Sciences Alison Scott
Geneva Galioto Race and Pedophilia Latin American Studies John, Riofrio
Tristan Ramage Steganography, Conversion, and Defunct Media Linguistics Talbot, Taylor
Ellie Renshaw Words Women Use to Describe themselves Linguistics and English Leslie Cochran
Alyssa Copeland Marketing in Big Pharma: An Analysis of Strategies, Implications, and Disaster Marketing Bob Williams
Saloni Kapila Modeling Neuronal Activity using systems of ordinary differential Equations and the Hodgkin Huxley Equations Math Mainak Patel
Abby Van Essendelft Mathematics of Symmetry and Art Mathematics Eric, Swartz
Kexin Feng Track and Predict the Development of Rising Esports Industry Mathematics Junping, Shi
Kerry Wang Using graph theoretical methods to search for new generalized quadrangles Mathematics Eric Swartz
Eric Chai Neighborhood Coloring and Graph Isomorphism Mathematics Gexin Yu
Christopher Ahrens Muslim Futurism: Impacts of a Nascent Genre Middle Eastern Studies (Global Studies) Andrea Wright
Irene Williams Can I aprender this way: Evaluating the Efficacy of Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition through a Mixed-Language Novel Modern Languages & Literatures Rachel Varra
Keely Wiese Are Our Kids Tough Enough, Lessons from China and the US Modern Languages and Literatures Calvin Hui
Mary Shannon “The Humble Czech Man”: Czech National Identity in Janáček’s The Cunning Little Vixen Music James Armstrong
Ishan Deb Composing and Recording an EP Music David, Dominique
Owen Peck Composing a Fugue in the Style of Bach Music Thomas Payne
Rachel Akers The effect of observing a thin vs. a somewhat overweight model on women’s implicit responses to food Neuroscience Catherine, Forestell
Easha Qasba The Impact of Dietary Iron Restriction on Hepatic Hepcidin Expression in Transgenic Sickle Cell Mice Neuroscience not decided
Elmira Adili No Morality: No Problem Philosophy Paul Davies
Luke Erdahl ‘Poverty of Particularity:’ Reconciling Divine Transcendence and Imminence Using Gregory Palamas’ Essence-Energies Distinction Philosophy Aaron, Griffith
Emily Bacal Embodied Perspectives on the Body: Female Artistic Contributions to Understanding the Embodied Experience Philosophy Timothy Costelloe
Carrington Metts Lead Radius Experiment II (PREx II) at Jefferson Lab Physics David Armstrong
Sofia Brown Generating Laguerre-Gaussian Laser Modes and their Superpositions Using a Spatial Light Modulator Physics Irina Novikova
Lauren Carver Numerical Study of a Passive Wedge Absorber System for Momentum Selection of Muon Beams Physics Patricia, Vahle
Quinn Campagna Beam Modulation for PREx-II Physics David Armstrong
Aiden Harbick Computational Simulations of the Cooling of Type II Superconductors Physics George Vahala
Stuart Thomas Calculation of Current in Biased SNS Junction with Multiple Andreev Reflections (MAR) Physics Enrico Rossi
Jonathan Palumbo Bioprinter/Syringe Based 3D Printer Professor Jonathan Frey (Applied Science) Jonathan Palumbo
Emma Preston An exploration of the unique relationship between incarcerated parents, risky adult behaviors, and natural mentors. Psychological Sciences Adrian, Bravo
Elizabeth Flatt Family Narratives Psychological Sciences Xiaowen Xu
Caroline Kirk Associations Between Use of Green Spaces, Worry, and Personality Psychological Sciences Harvey, Langholtz
Asia Prentiss The Effects of Interruption on Motivation Psychological Sciences Harvey, Langholtz
Makenna McGill ERP Correlates of Reduced Spatial Working Memory Encoding Capacity in High-Functioning Older Adults Psychology Paul Kieffaber
Virginia Wyatt The Mystery of Personality: Evaluating the Psychometric Properties of Personality Tests Psychology Xiaowen Xu
Grace Gilbert Zebrafish Learning and Memory Psychology Pamela Hunt
Kaitlyn Maniscalco Benefits of Undergraduate Study Abroad and The Ideal Program Psychology Catherine, Forestell
Nick Kaufman The Influence of Exposure to Dark Humor on Perceptions of Tragedy and Social Issues Psychology Cheryl, Dickter
Rita McInerny Picture This: Using Children's Family Drawings to Assess Attachment Security Representations Psychology Danielle Dallaire
Ryan Farmer Long-Term Effects of Nicotine on Social and Non-Social Anxiety Psychology Robert, Barnet
Maddie Moore The Effect of Emotion Regulation on Friendship Quality Psychology/Dean of Students Janice Zeman
Del Manson Academic Self-Determination: Perceptions of Black Male and Female Secondary Students School Of Education Janise Parker
Madison Sasman Today's Immigration Narratives: A Comparison of the Stories Told by Three Countries Sociolo+E141:F141gy Deenesh Sohoni
Sammy Murphy Out with the Old in with the Old: Folklore, Propaganda and Soviet Russia Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies Alexander Prokhorov
Annecy Daggett Dying to Breathe Theatre, Speech, and Dance Denise Wade
Alena Crespo "Comparing the Abilities of Bilingual and Monolingual Speakers to Differentiate Non Native Minimal Pairs”