How to Apply

  • Discuss your project proposal idea with your W&M faculty project advisor. Make sure they know that they will be recommending you, supervising your research, following your blog, and helping you with your presentation at the Research Symposium.
  • Access the online application by clicking this link (will be activated in fall, 2019) and create an account using your address
  • Charles Center Summer Research Grant ($3000 for seven weeks of research)  and Charles Center Honors Fellowship ($4000 plus for ten weeks of research) applications are due early in the spring semester. Students submitting Honors Fellowship applications are automatically considered for Charles Center Summer Research Grants and should not apply to both.
  • Sophomore/Junior Monroe Grant applications are due early in the spring semester.
What Materials Do I Need?

Materials Needed to Apply for a Summer Research Grant
Project Proposal Prompts

The project proposal questions will be answered within the online application via Embark.

  • What is the question you are hoping to answer and what is its significance? (150 words or less)
  • Discuss your methodology in detail. Describe the plan for what you are going to do. (350 words or less)
  • What resources are available to you for this project (lab space, access to collections/archives, additional funding, etc.)? (150 words or less)
  • What new knowledge or interpretation will emerge from this proposed project? (150 words or less)
  • What will the deliverable be from your research (article, play, website, story map, etc.)? (150 words or less)

Note: This proposal must be written by the student. However, we do encourage project advisors to read it make constructive comments.

Personal Statement

The personal statement will be entered within the online application via Embark. Explain how this project fits into your academic plan. For example, did it emerge from a course you took; is it related to your major; something you are doing to prepare for graduate school; or an interest that you haven't had a chance to explore yet. After reading your personal statement, a reviewer should understand the context of this project within your intellectual and academic trajectory. (250 words or less)

Video Upload

Please pitch this at a general audience of non-specialists. (1 minute video maximum; cell phone video quality is fine)


Upload an unofficial (from Banner self-service), WM transcript, including 2020 spring registration.

Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is required from the W&M faculty member who has agreed to be your Project Advisor. You must meet to discuss your proposal with the project advisor before registering them in the system. The letter of recommendation must be submitted by the application deadline in order for your proposal to be considered for funding. You are responsible for checking online whether the letter has been submitted by the deadline.

What Happens Next?
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Research Committee. Your proposal will be read by faculty both inside and outside of your research topic area, so make sure that it does not contain jargon and is understandable to an educated person outside of your field.
  • Students who receive funding from the Charles Center will present their work at the fall or spring Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  • Want to talk to someone about how to get started? Make an appointment with a PSA.
  • All general Charles Center Summer Grant and Monroe Grant applicants will receive an email about award decisions by mid-April. Notifications will go out in batches, starting in mid-March, so do not panic if someone else hears their outcome before you do. Honors Fellowship results will go out last (a week or so after fundraising ends).