Undergraduate Research Committee

Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Committee

The Undergraduate Research Committee evaluates student research proposals that are submitted to the Charles Center for funding, including Monroe Scholars and summer research grants, as well as various national and international awards such as Fulbright and Goldwater, Udall, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates, Rhodes, etc. Typically, each proposal is read by multiple committee members, and each committee member reads awards within and outside their areas of specialization. The committee is chaired by a faculty member who receives proposals from the Director of National Scholarships. The chair also serves as liaison to the Charles Center through the Faculty Director of Undergraduate Research. The committee is encouraged to advise the Charles Center on best practices for proposal review and other relevant procedures. Committee appointments are made by the Dean for Interdisciplinary Studies in consultation with the Faculty Director of Undergraduate Research and the A&S Dean’s office.

Committee members for 2018-2019

Doug Young, Chair

Matt Allar
Alan Braddock
John Charles
Clay Clemens
Victoria Costa
Josh Erlich
Martin Gallivan
Monika Gosin
Chris Howard
Mike Jabbur
Brent Kaup
John Lombardini
Peter McHenry
Elizabeth Mead
Helen Murphy
Irina Novikova
Rachel O'Brien
John Parman
Dane Pascoe
Sasha Prokhorov
Joshua Puzey
Elizabeth Radcliffe
Salvatore Saporito
Leah Shaw
Andreas Stathopoulos
Kim Van Deusen
Kevin Vose
Gexin Yu

Dan Cristol, Ex-officio member
Lindsey Love, Ex-officio member