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Undergraduate Research Committee

Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Committee

The Undergraduate Research Committee supports the Charles Center and the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (OUAA). Members of the committee evaluate student research proposals that are submitted to the Charles Center for funding, including Monroe Scholars and summer research grants, as well as various national and international awards such as Fulbright and Goldwater, Udall, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates, Rhodes, etc. that are administered through the OUAA. Typically, each research proposal or fellowship application is read by multiple committee members, and each committee member reads awards within and outside their areas of specialization. The committee is chaired by a faculty member who receives proposals from the Undergraduate Research Program Administrator. The chair also serves as liaison to the Charles Center and the OUAA. The committee is encouraged to advise the Charles Center and OUAA administrators on best practices for proposal review and other relevant procedures. Committee appointments are made by the Director of the Charles Center in consultation with the Chair of the Undergraduate Research Committee, the Senior Director of the OUAA, and the A&S Dean’s office.

2022-23 Committee members

Doug Young, Chair 

Matt Allar 
Nicholas Balascio 
Katherine Barko-Alva 
Chandos Michael Brown 
Dom Ciruzzi 
Pierre Clare 
Zach Conrad 
Danielle Dallaire 
Melanie Dawson 
Jozef Dudek 
Eliot Dudik 
Laura Ekstrom 
Josh Erlich 
Ashleigh Everhardt Queen 
Andy Fisher 
Chris Freiman 
Erica Garroutte 
Monika Gosin 
Katherine Guthrie 
Shantá Hinton 
Anya Hogoboom 
Chris Howard 
Calvin Hui  
Greg Hunt 
Mike Jabbur 
Adwait Jog 
Charles Johnson 
Oliver Kerscher 
Nathan Kidwell 
Brian Kreydatus 
Rebecca Latourell 
John Lombardini 
John Lopresti 
Weizhen Mao 
Bill McNamara 
Elizabeth Mead 
Meghan Miller 
Christopher Monahan 
Emily Moschini 
Gayle Murchison 
Helen Murphy 
Irina Novikova 
Iyabo Osiapem 
Pieter Peers 
Sasha Prokhorov 
Joshua Puzey 
Megan Quinn 
Philip Roessler 
Margaret Saha 
Salvatore Sal Saporito 
Nicole "Nikki" Santiago 
Leah Shaw 
Admasu Shiferaw 
Cristina Stancioiu 
Francis Tanglao Aguas 
Izzy Taylor 
Kim Van Deusen 
Ryan Vinroot 
Kevin Vose 
Laurie Wolf 
Brent Z. Kaup 
Janice Zeman 
Chitralekha Zutshi 

Dan Cristol, Ex-officio member 
Lindsey Love, Ex-officio member 
Kate Patterson, Ex-officio member