Manage your W&M student account activity online through eServices

Tour the new eServices Homepage
  • View this document supplied by Touchnet to see a detailed overview of the new eServices format and functionality.  The Auto Bill Pay feature highlighted on this document is not an available feature at William & Mary.
Please follow these links to make an e-Check or credit card payment or to access eServices:

Student Login via Banner       Authorized Users Login              

For International student payments in foreign currency, please make your payment through flyWire:


Please note: Access to eServices allows access to the student's W&M financial account.  Students are able to set their parents up as 'Authorized Users'.   This access is separate from the Parent Proxy access which allows parents to access information such as grades, class registration, etc.  For information on the Parent Process access, please visit the Dean of Students Parent Proxy website

eServices manages the following financial activities for W&M students:
  • My Profile Setup

    • Authorized Users - give others permission to view and pay on your account, and set up payment plans. 

    • My Payment Profile - allows you to save payment methods for future use. 
    • Electronic Refunds - add a bank account for electronic direct deposit of student account refunds. 
    • Notifications - add a mobile number to your account to get text notifications and updates about your account.
  • My Account

    • Current Activity - view all charges, payments, and financial aid (authorized or disbursed) for your student account by term. 
    • Statements – view and print monthly eBill statements with amount due and link to statement details. 
    • Account Payments shows Pending Payments that are scheduled for a future date, and also allows you to Make a Payment from this page.  
    • Payment History – view payments that have previously been made on the student account.
  • Make a Payment – make or schedule a full or partial payment towards your account balance.
  • Payment Plans – Enroll in a payment plan to pay your account balance in installments, view your payment plan and agreements once enrolled
    and view and pay your plan installment payments.
  • Deposits – Make your W&M Admission deposit or DC Program deposit.
  • Refunds –Add a bank account for electronic direct deposit of student account refunds and see a history of previous refunds