Online Graduate Programs

General information for 2018-2019

The College reserves the right to make changes in its charges for any and all programs at any time, after approval by the Board of Visitors.  Fall semester eBill statements will be generated July 11, 2018 and due in full August 1, 2018.  Spring eBill statements will be generated December 12, 2018 and due in full January 4, 2019.  Summer eBill statements are generated during the first week of May and payment will be due in full June 1, 2018. 

Payment Methods

The College accepts online eCheck or credit card payments through eServices, check payments mailed to the W&M Cashier's Office or payments made in person at the W&M Cashier's Office in Blow Memorial Hall.   The College also has a monthly Tuition Payment Plan available that offers 4 installment payments during the Fall and Spring semesters.  Please refer to the W&M Student Accounts website for detailed information on the available payment methods. 

Outside Payments

All payments from outside sources, i.e. loans, military payments, scholarships, employer payments, etc. must be authorized and credited to the student's account as a pending credit by the due date of the eBill statement.  Failure to have the required information to the Bursar's Office by the due date will result in the placement of a financial hold.  Outstanding accounts may also be assessed a late fee (10% of the outstanding balance up to $ 100.00). 

Withdrawal Information

If a student withdraws from class during the add/drop period (the first week of the session), all tuition will be adjusted to a -0- balance.  If a student withdraws after the add/drop period, there will be no adjustment in tuition.  Adjustments to financial aid or outside payment sources may be required if you withdraw.  Please check with the Financial Aid office at (757)-221-2420 or your paying source before withdrawing from classes.

Financial Penalties

Failure to pay in full by the established due date(s) may result in the assessment of late fees/penalties in an amount up to 10% of the outstanding account balance. Semester payment due dates are established by the Office of the Bursar. For students electing to pay tuition and fees through the tuition payment plan, the payment due date is the first of each month beginning in August for the fall semester and January for the spring semester as detailed in the payment plan enrollment information. Failure to pay by the established due date(s) may result in late fees, referral to University Collections and Receivables, and/or referral to an outside collection agency

Please visit the W&M Student Account website for further information pertaining to financial aid refunds, 1098T information and other financial information related to your W&M Student Account.

W&M Online MBA

Please visit the W&M Online MBA site for more information.

Online MBA Rates


Tuition per credit hour 1,220.00
Residency Fee - one time 600.00
Graduation Fee - one time 145.00

Online MBA Rates


Tuition per credit hour 1,150.00
Residency Fee - one time 600.00
Graduation Fee - one time 95.00
W&M Online MSBA 

Please visit the W&M Online MSBA site for more information.

Online MSBA Rates


Tuition per credit hour 1,300.00
Pre-requisite courses per credit hour 800.00
Graduation Fee - one time 145.00
W&M Online M.Ed in Counseling

Please visit the W&M Online M.Ed Counseling site for more information.

Online Graduate Education


Tuition per credit hour 665.00
Graduation Fee - one time 145.00