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Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form [pdf]

  • For Arts & Sciences graduate students who wish to add, drop, or withdraw from a course, or withdraw from all courses.
  • For non-degree seeking students enrolled in graduate courses in Arts & Sciences who wish to drop or withdraw from a course or all courses.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to complete this form and obtain the signatures of the instructor(s) and Director of Graduate Studies, and return the form to the OGSR before the last day of classes.

Extension Request Form [pdf]

  • Extensions are granted for a one-year period.
  • The student should submit the completed form to their Director of Graduate Studies.
  • The Director will submit the form to OGSR along with a supporting letter from the student's Advisor and a personal letter from the Director supporting the request.
  • The extension will only be considered if the student is in good standing at the College and has no outstanding fees, etc.

Health Center Release of Information Form [pdf]

Leave of Absence Form [non-medical] [pdf]

Please note: If you are a Virginia resident, you must submit an "Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Privileges" before you return to classes prior to registration, even if you have already submitted the application previously.

  • The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research may grant leaves of absence, upon the recommendation of the student's advisor and Director of Graduate Studies. Students must consult their department/program policy to determine whether leave can be granted for extenuating circumstances such as personal situations that temporarily interfere with your ability to continue, pregnancy, or extensive employment. Medical leaves of absence or withdrawals (due to physical or psychiatric conditions) should be requested through the Dean of Students office.
  • Leaves of absence shall be granted for a specific period of time (e.g. one semester, one year). A student who requests an extension of a current leave of absence shall have the request considered as a new request. Students approved for a leave of absence will have their time limit for degree completion requirement stopped for the duration of the approved leave period. Upon return from approved leave, the student's time limit to degree completion count will resume.
  • All applicants for admission to the College of William and Mary, both new and re-entry, who believe they are qualified for Virginia in-state tuition rates, must complete an Application for Virginia In-state Tuition Privileges the semester in which they intend to register 
  • To request a leave of absence, students will be required to complete and submit the Arts & Sciences Application for Leave of Absence Form to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at least 30 days prior to the leave request date. Students should consult with their department/program for additional information on post-leave stipend eligibility.

Permission Form (Graduate Course for Graduate Degree Credit) [pdf]

  • For Arts & Sciences graduate students who wish to take a graduate course outside of their program or school for graduate credit towards their graduate degree.
  • Once the Once the  Instructor and Graduate Director have signed this form – as well as the appropriate      Dean/Registrar if the class is to be taken outside of Arts & Sciences – return the form to the OGSR for review and processing by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research. Original signatures are required; electronic signatures will not be accepted

Permission Form (Graduate Course for Unclassified Students) [pdf]

  • Form for unclassified (non-degree seeking) students who wish to take a graduate course in Arts & Sciences.
  • Admission as a non-degree seeking student does not imply subsequent admission to the graduate program in which the course was taken.
  • This form must be  submitted to the Office of the University Registrar when making  application to William & Mary

Permission Form (Undergraduate Course) [pdf]

  • Form for Arts & Sciences graduate students who wish to take an undergraduate course.
  • No credits earned for an undergraduate course may be used to satisfy graduate degree requirements.

Student Withdrawal from Program [pdf]

  • A&S Graduate students who have decided they will not complete their current program of study at the College of William and Mary should submit this form to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. If the student has preregistered or registered for courses, the student should also complete item 4 of the Add/Drop/Withdrawal form [pdf] and submit it to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research for processing.
  • Prior to submitting the "Student Withdrawal from Program" form, the student should meet with the department/program's graduate director or appropriate personnel. It is the student's responsibility to understand the department/program's policies and regulations regarding withdrawals and readmission. International students should also meet with an International Student Advisor in the Reves Center. Students who are receiving any type of financial aid should talk with a staff member of the Financial Aid Office before leaving campus, to determine eligibility for future aid and any obligations for repayment. Students leaving the College are required to turn in their W&M ID card to the Dean of Students Office. "Student Withdrew" from the program will be noted on the transcript. After a student has withdrawn, the student cannot be readmitted without reapplying to the College.