The Anniversary Story

24 Women Who Changed the University

In 2018-19, we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the arrival of 24 young women as students at William & Mary. Some were daughters of local faculty members. Others came from as far away as Lynchburg, Roanoke, and the Eastern Shore.  A few of them went on to become teachers; one became a doctor.  We are proud to honor them all today.

Twenty-four women enrolled at W&M in the fall of 1918.Lilian Hope Baines
Martha Barksdale
Margaret Bridges
Lucille Brown
Alice Burke
Janet Coleman
Ruth Conkey
Catherine Dennis
Winifred Goodwin
Mary Virginia Haile
Emily Hall
Florence Mae Harris
Ruth Harris
Elizabeth Lee
Margaret Lee
Evelyn Palmer
Alice Person
Gladys Powers
Edna Reid
Laura Reid
Celeste Ross
Elizabeth Scott
Margaret Thornton
Marie Wilkins