Financial Certification

All international students in F-1 or J-1 visa/status must show funding for their program at William & Mary or VIMS. This is a US government requirement. These estimates are only used for issuing I-20 and DS-2019 immigration documents, and you should not rely on these figures for your own planning. 

We recommend checking the tuition and fees website for the most accurate tuition and information; graduate students should also check with their program.

You must provide copies of financial documents that show that you have funds to study for the upcoming year, using the table below. Your funding is expected to be available during your studies.

You will upload your financial documents through iStart, and we will use that information to issue your I-20 or DS-2019.

Funding Requirements
  • Academic Year 2018-2019: Students who will begin studies during Summer 2018, Fall semester 2018, or Spring semester 2019.
  • Academic Year 2019-2020: Sstudents who will begin studies during Summer 2019, Fall semester 2019, or Spring semester 2020.

Academic Year 2018-2019:  International Student Financial Estimates

Program Tuition & Fees Living Expenses TOTAL
Graduate Arts & Sciences, Education 33,614 16,201 $49,815
Law (LLM, JD) 43,260 16,201 $59,461
MBA 44,740 17,701 $62,441
Master of Accounting 44,990 16,201 $61,191
MS Business Analytics 48,740 16,201 $64,941
Marine Science (VIMS) 33,614 15,743 $49,357
Graduate Public Policy  38,528 16,201 $54,729
(Degree Seeking)
45,532 18,041 $63,573
St Andrews-W&M Joint Degree* 40,250* 18,041 $58,291

Exchange student, 

(Undergraduate & Law)



Dependents (spouse/child) in F-2 or

J-2 status



Academic Year 2019-2020: International Student Financial Estimates

Program Tuition & Fees Living Expenses TOTAL
Graduate Arts & Sciences, Education 34,811 16,670 $51,482
Law (LLM, JD) 44,795 16,670 $61,465
MBA 46,327 18,170 $64,497
Master of Accounting 46,586 16,670 $63,256
MS Business Analytics 50,467 16,670 $67,137
Marine Science (VIMS) 34,811 16,196 $51,008
Graduate Public Policy 39,897 16,670 $56,568
(Degree Seeking)
47,147 18,575 $65,721
St Andrews-W&M Joint Degree* 41,680* 18,575 $60,254

Exchange student,


(Undergraduate & Law)



Dependents (spouse/child) in F-2 or

J-2 status



Joint Degree

*Students beginning the joint degree program at St Andrews University will pay tuition to St Andrews directly and must only show funds for living expenses. Students beginning the program at W&M must show both tuition and living expenses.


These tuition and fees figures are estimates based on a 4.5% increase of the tuition rates for each academic year. They do not guarantee actual costs, but are used for issuing your I-20 or DS-2019.

Funding Documents

You will submit all documents through iStart. Your documents must be legible and not more than 6 months old at the time of admission and must be in English. Scanned and faxed copies are acceptable, but you must bring the original documents when applying for your visa, and may need them when entering the U.S.

Acceptable Not Acceptable
  • Bank statements
  • Scholarship/funding letters
  • Certificate of deposits
  • Liquid investment accounts
  • Loan confirmation letters
  • Pay stubs
  • Property deeds/titles
  • Salary confirmations