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Choosing an Immigration Status
If I will be an international student, what are the immigration options for me to study at W&M?

There are two main options: F-1 and J-1.

F-1 is most often used for degree seeking students. For the F-1 visa, we will issue an I-20 to the student. F-1 status is very flexible - especially for students who may change their program of study.

J-1 is primarily used for visiting exchange students (from one of the universities with which W&M has a tuition exchange) but other students may also qualify if a substantial portion of their funding for school comes from a source other than family or personal funds.

An advantage of J-1 is that for married students, their spouse may work in the US. For J-1 visas we issue a DS-2019

More detailed information about F-1 and J-1 statuses is available in chart form (pdf).

Questions? Contact an ISSP staff member.