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Student Insurance Plan

The W&M Student Insurance Plan is in compliance with the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements and the 2021-2022 policy is a high level Gold plan with actuarial value of 84.91%. The Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan designed especially for the students of William & Mary is intended to provide health care coverage at a reasonable price for professional services obtained both from and outside the Student Health Center. The 2021-2022 annual student premium is $2,539 ($1,064 for the fall coverage period [08/01/21-12/31/21] and $1,475 for the Spring/Summer coverage period [01/01/2022-07/31/2022]).

COVID-19 Coronavirus Information
For up-to-date information about the Student Insurance and COVID, visit the UHCSR News page.

The plan, underwritten by UnitedHealthCare Insurance Company, is for a full twelve months and is effective from August 1 to July 31 each year. The plan provides 24-hour coverage, anywhere in the United States and while traveling abroad. This plan may pay in addition to other insurance coverage you may have or when an out-of-state HMO may not provide coverage and may help cover deductibles or unpaid balances not covered by other insurance. Students with limited out-of-area coverage or otherwise inadequate coverage in the Williamsburg area are strongly encouraged to consider this plan.

For specific information about the benefits available, coverage offered, exclusions and limitations or other plan information, review the current policy documents and plan brochure available under Student Insurance Forms & Documents and on W&M's UHCSR page.

If you already have coverage through the W&M-sponsored Student Insurance Plan, you can login to MyAccount to manage your health coverage online.