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Student Insurance Provider Search

Select the appropriate link below to locate a network provider in your area.
Healthcare provider or facility

The W&M Plan includes a PPO network. However, students are REQUIRED to obtain a Student Health Center referral before receiving medical care outside the SHC unless the care is received when the student is more than 10 miles from campus or the SHC is closed. Refer to the Plan Brochure for more information about under which conditions a SHC Referral may not be necessary.

UHC Options PPO

Mental Health provider or facility

The W&M Plan includes benefits for mental & nervous disorders, mental illness, eating disorders and substance abuse. Please refer to the Plan Brochure for specific information about your mental health benefits.

United Behavioral Health

Dental provider or facility

The W&M Plan does NOT include benefits for dental treatment, except for accidental injuries to sound, nature teeth. However, W&M has negotiated with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources to offer a optional fully-insured dental PPO plan. Students who choose to purchase the voluntary dental insurance must enroll directly with UHCSR by logging into your UHCSR MyAccount and navigating to Purchase Additional Coverage.

UHC Dental Options PPO

Pharmacy locator

The W&M Plan includes benefits for prescription drugs administered by Medco Health Solutions, Inc. Please refer to the Plan Brochure to verify your prescription benefits. Prescriptions MUST be filled at the Student Health Center Pharmacy or a participating UHC network pharmacy (OptumRx pharmacy network). Benefits are subject to supply limits and copayments that vary depending on which tier of the prescription drug list the outpatient drug is listed. You are responsible for paying the applicable copays.

Copays at the SHC are lower ($5 copay-Generic and $15 copay-Brand), so you should always consider using the SHC Pharmacy first. Copays at participating retail pharmacies are higher ($20 copay-Tier 1, $30 copay-Tier 2 & 25% coinsurance-Tier 3; up to a 31-day supply per prescription) but certain prescription drugs cannot be dispensed by the Student Health Center or may not be available in a timely manner, so you may need to use an outside pharmacy for these. You can use the pharmacy locator to find a participating retail pharmacy.

OptumRx Pharmacy Locator