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Student Insurance Additional Benefits

As a participant in William & Mary's Student Health Insurance Plan, students also receive the following value-added benefits, services and programs.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits

Students have coverage in the event that an injury results in the accidental loss of life or a member. The insured person or beneficiary may request the Insurance Company to pay the applicable amount. For specific information about the benefits offered, view the titled section in the Plan Brochure.

Collegiate Assistance Program

Students have access to nurse advice, health information and counseling support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing (877) 499-3568. The Collegiate Assistance Program is staffed by Registered Nurses and Student Assistant Specialists who can help students determine if they need to seek medical care, need legal/financial advice or may need to talk to someone about everyday issues that can be stressful and overwhelming. Students also have access to www.LiveAndWorkWell.com, a robust site that can help them meet life’s challenges.

UnitedHealthcare Global

Students are eligible for unique global emergency services from UnitedHealthcare Global. This program immediately connects the student to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and certain other services when faced with a medical emergency while traveling 100 miles or more from your permanent residence, campus location or in another country (not available in home country for international students). One simple phone call to (800) 527-0218 (toll-free within U.S.) or
(410) 453-6330 (collect outside U.S.) will connect the student to a range of assistance services. UnitedHealthcare Global completely arranges and pays for all the assistance services it provides without limits on the covered cost. For more information, please see the UnitedHealthcare Global Program Guide.

UnitedHealth Allies Discount Card

Students will receive their white UnitedHealth Allies discount program ID card along with their gray UnitedHealthcare StudentResources insurance ID card. This program can help students stretch your healthcare dollar on dental care,vision care and wellness products & services. Students can typically save 10-50% on certain services. UnitedHealth Allies is not insurance and does not make payment directly to the providers. Students will receive a discount from those providers who have contracted with the UnitedHealth Allies discount program. Students are obligated to pay for all provided services, less the applicable discount, at the time of service. The UnitedHealth Allies ID card will be delivered along with the Student Health Insurance ID card. Students must log onto UnitedHealth Allies to register to begin using the program. For more information about the discount program, please see the UnitedHealth Allies Discount Program Member Handbook.