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Climate Change & Sustainability Programs

Check out our Green Travel Page to learn about W&M's commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030. 
Green Travel Guide

Download our Green Travel Guide to learn more about easy tips and tricks to limit your environmental impact whilte traveling abroad. 

Sustainability Abroad Panel Ticket see event
Event: Sustainability Abroad (Panel Discussion)

Join the conversation with W&M and UVA faculty as we discuss sustainability norms and practices from around the world. Virtual event held on April 19, 5pm. Register here!

Meet our panelists:

  • Dana Lashley, W&M, Chemistry Senior Lecturer, W&M Winter Geneva Program Director 
  • John Swaddle, W&M, Associate Professor of Biology, co-Chair of W&M’s Committee on Sustainability,  co-author of the university’s emerging Climate Action Plan, and Faculty Director for the Institute for Integrative Conservation
  • Reid Bailey, UVA, Professor of Systems Engineering, Founding Director UVA in Argentina and UVA in Sweden, Founding Director International Residential College
  • Kerrie Cafango, UVA, Associate Professor, Director of Management Communication Programs 
Event: Sustainability Program Highlight

W&M and UVA are hosting a coordinated virtual event on April 27, 12pm Register to join!  

Event: How to be the best international traveler

W&M and UVA are co-hosting a virtual event to help guide students with tips and tricks into how they can become the best international traveler they can be. The event will be held in later this summer. Registration coming soon!

list of sustainability and climate change programs
Sustainability and Climate Change Programs 

Programs listed below offer at least one course focused on sustainability and/or climate change.

W&M Faculty Led Programs 

Third Party Programs 
[Note: Participation in Third Party Programs requires registration with the Global Education Office.]

*some programs may be temporarily closed due to COVID-19







International Flight Emissions

Emissions produced as a result of air travel are considered Scope 3 emissions by the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol for W&M. Scope 3 emissions are the indirect result of business and can be claimed as Scope 1 (direct result emissions) by another company, in the case, the airline. Carbon emissions per international trip can be reduced by booking direct flights or as few connecting flights as possible. If traveling on an excursion while abroad, use public transportation such as train or bus whenever possible.

Travelers have a few options for flights that have no other travel alternative. Research airlines which have already made changes to reduce the amount of emissions through technological advances and book only in economy class. Carbon offsets can also be purchased to help offset the emissions produced by the flight. These offsets are usually a fraction of the total flight cost (typical roundtrip offset will cost: Barcelona $20, to London $18, to Beijing $34, to Sydney $37).


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