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Winter Programs

Use your winter break to study abroad and fulfill COLL300



W&M Winter Program Applications - not currently accepting applications. List of Winter 2024 program will be available beginning April 2023.

Third party provider program registration deadline for Winter Break 2022-23 was 11.1.22.

Learn more about our W&M Winter Programs and hear what our alumni have to say in our video!


two types of winter programs

W&M Winter Programs

Programs will vary from year to year, offering new locations and courses. The list of Winter 2024 programs will be available in April 2023.

Courses taken abroad are eligible for COLL300. Programs and most courses are taught by W&M faculty. All grades/credits will be posted on your official W&M transcript. Students will pay a program fee and a $75 application fee.

Programs for 2022 - 2023:

Application Process: The deadline to apply was September 30, 2022. 

  • Apply directly for each program through the links above or through the W&M Winter application portal.
  • Reves Winter Scholarships are available. Apply for a scholarship by September 30, 2022. 
    • Students who already receive financial aid might be eligible to receive additional aid for these programs. Please contact your financial aid advisor for more information. 

Students in their final year at W&M will need to receive approval with a Committee of Degrees petition to study abroad. Please visit our Academic Policies to learn more. 

For more information on W&M Winter Programs, please contact [[wmabroad01, wmabroad]].

Third Party Winter Programs

Students may also opt to go on a Third Party program during the winter.  These programs are often popular with students looking for experiences in locations where W&M does not currently offer direct programming.  These types of programs cover a vast array of experiences.  All winter programs must start after the W&M scheduled fall exam period (December 21, 2022) and end two days prior to the start of the spring semester (January 23, 2023). 

Third Party Programs will need to be registered with the GEO by November 1, 2022.  Students can search for pre-approved programs in our registration portal. Students may attend programs not listed, however they will need to be approved by submiting a Petition to Attend a Non-Approved Study Abroad Program by the reigstration deadline. 

Third Party Provider Winter Programs can fulfill COLL300, however students will need to follow our transfer credit procedures. Please visit our credit page. Students should visit the Third Party Programs page for more information.

Students in their final year at W&M will need to receive approval with a Committee of Degrees petition to study abroad. Please visit our Academic Policies to learn more. 

For all questions, please contact the appropriate study abroad advisor

List of some Third Party Provider Winter Programs that meet our transfer requirements (dates TBC - see restrictions above):

Why Attend a W&M Winter Program?
  • First chance for first year and transfer students to study abroad
  • Short programs reduce overall cost and are a good option to try out study abroad for the first time
  • Programs are taught and led by W&M faculty
    • Receive COLL300
    • Receive W&M credits and grades
  • Keeps summers free for jobs or internships
  • No transfer credits means seniors* are able to participate 
    • *All student who are in their final year at W&M who wish to study abroad MUST complete their COD Petition. Let your advisor know you are in your final year for more information that could affect your graduation date.
  • A great option for students who cannot academically afford to take an entire semester off (such as STEM and business majors)