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W&M Sustainability

Thinking long-term and inclusively to foster wise decisions towards a flourishing people and planet, for all time coming.

Sustainability LogoFrom faculty/student research and student internships, to innovative community partnerships and widespread volunteerism, the university is promoting sustainability by producing leaders for tomorrow’s world who understand both the challenge and the opportunity in a sustainable future. 


Sustainability Symposium: Interconnectedness

April 20 & 21 | Register for Zoom links 

symposium advert 2021People and the planet are entwined in a way that is significant both globally and locally to create a more sustainable world for all. Highlighting the voices of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, the W&M Sustainability Symposium will explore the interconnectedness of societies and ecosystems, arts and action, and individuals and impact.

From a global perspective to our front door, the Symposium will include two keynote speakers who will help us explore our interconnectedness, Céline Cousteau and Winona LaDuke. Everyone, even those of you beyond the William & Mary and Williamsburg communities, is invited and encouraged to attend!

The two events are A Discussion with Céline Cousteau and A Closer Look with Winona LaDuke.


Earth Week 2021 

earth week 2021

Earth Day is coming up soon! W&M will be celebrating Earth Week throughout the week of April 19th to 23rd. If you or an organization you are a part of is planning to host an Earth Week event, please consider registering your event to the William & Mary Events page to have it added to the official Earth Week calendar!

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Volunteer, lead, learn and create with W&M Sustainability!

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